Practical training at Mykonos, Greece

My name is Yana and this is my story about completing my practical training at Cavo Tago at the Greek island of Mykonos. The island is located in the eastern part of Aegean Sea, and is popular among tourists for its beaches and various attractions. The practical training lasted for two months from late May to late July. The workplace itself as well as working conditions were good, since the company had provided food and a place to stay so I didn’t have to worry about it. Among the basic customer service my responsibilities included housekeeping services and assistance with small tasks related to concierge service which involves the bookings of various tours and other amusement programs. Frankly saying, the opportunity for this practical training came almost out of the blue but eventually ended up being one of the most unique yet useful experiences I’d ever had.

The skills that I mastered during the time of my practical training include communication skills as I had to work with customers of the hotel when it came to booking the tours through the concierge services. Additionally, I picked up some new professional vocabulary if not necessarily in the field of business but in the sphere of customer service and client management.

Lastly what I wanted to point out is that this practical training gave me an amazing opportunity not to just feel the real vibe of working environment (it was my first practical training) but also to experience Greece as a country and get to know its people who turned out to be very outgoing and eager to help. During my time in Greece I got to see the sights I have only seen in TV shows before like ruins of ancient Greek civilization as well as try local cuisine.




















Author: Yana Viktorova