Practical training at Côte d’Azur

My summer internship took place on French Riviera, where I spent 4 months working as a management trainee for diversophy®. The company focuses on creation of educational games with an emphasis on diversity, cultures, and prejudices. Its aim is to integrate gamification into customers’ lives in order to broaden their vision and promote out of the box thinking. During my internship I focused on management and marketing. I was responsible for social media sites daily posts, maintenance of contact’s list, and target audience analysis. As a manager, I coordinated new developers and translators by providing them guidance, compiling the contract, and adding their materials to the final product. Among other projects, I have developed promotional posts, created illustrations for the products, and translated several games into Russian. Moreover, I had a chance to work under the supervision of Dr. George F. Simons who has more than 20 years of experience in the sphere of intercultural communications. Throughout my summer internship, I implemented the knowledge I have gained while studying in JAMK, boosted my English and French languages, and learned unbiased perception of the great variety of perceptions and beliefs. The knowledge I have gained during this period will help me in my future career in International Business sphere.


Author: Marina Ivanova