After practical training blog

During my time as a student of JAMK I learned about different spheres in business context and I felt like an

internship would give me a better insight about how the real world could be. Choosing the place for the internship was difficult since there was different options and I had an ideal about what my internship should be about. I wanted it to be dynamic, important and helpful for the society; being a second-year student is hard to find a place that can actually match those three options, but gladly I found a place for me in TECHO ECUADOR.

This is a NGO who is working for human rights and Equality in different countries in Latin America. In first place it might seem like you will just be a volunteer on the organization, nevertheless it was an amazing place to make my internship even though it was non paid.

My main tasks were to contact partners, develop a D2D fundraising project, manage the database of CRM, information storage, delivering sales and fundraising trainings to the new volunteers, create and manage written communications. Furthermore, I was also part of the planning, organization, coordination, control and evaluation for various activities and projects that are of the nature of the organization. Which means I was able to build homes and ecologic toilets for people who needed the most in a difficult access zones in Ecuador.

My experience in TECHO Ecuador was totally different than I expected in a positive way, this NGO works with different companies in Ecuador (B2B Fundraising) which gave me the chance to get in contact and get to know other companies, and now I have a clear insight about where I would like to continue working.

Finally, I can say that the team I had was:

  • Diverse since there are different interns from Europe and Ecuador, the language of communication we had was English even when in Ecuador Spanish is the official one.
  • Supportive due to in the beginning of it they helped me to understand all the systems and how them work
  • Friendly because at the end we end up being friends and sharing different experiences in the volunteering projects

I would recommend the internship for someone who wants to explore, help society, have a diverse team working and apply business knowledge.



Author: Heidy Montero