Practical training in Lithuania

I made a decision to dedicate the summer of 2019 for enriching my knowledge in business field with practical trainings. When it came to choosing the company, one of my priorities was the company being international. And, since I knew that sometimes it could be difficult to find a job without knowing the local language, I decided to find an organization operating in my home country, which is Lithuania. Here, I found a retail company called Circle K, which is very well expanded throughout different continents, such as North America, Europe and Asia. I was keen on investigating how it does operate in such a successful way, despite the variety of factors that could make it quite challenging e.g. different markets, cultural backgrounds and preferences of people themselves. Thus, I wanted to have an insight on how do large organizations operate and how does it feel to be a part of it. Besides that, of course, how it is being managed, what kind of structure there is and how do they serve customer needs.

The main points what I’ve learned during my practical trainings at Circle K Lietuva are closely related to business. I’ve learnt how to work in a team when the flow of clients was quite intense and how to work together for the main goal, which is customer satisfaction. Therefore, I saw how efficient the communication can be implemented even in such a large organization with many different departments. Thus, while my main responsibility was active sales I would sell goods and consult about their quality, other services that Circle K provide and different loyalty programs offered for both, private and business customers. I have improved my knowledge in how does the customer relationship management work and how different tools could be implemented to maintain that relationship strong enough to bring the competitive advantage for the company itself.

All in all, I am glad that I had this opportunity and I believe that it gave me a wider image of what business field is. In addition to that, it definitely gave me different thoughts and expectations for my future career and new goals for my personal development as a person in business field.

Author: Karolina Burzdziute