PT is not only for improving of existing skills, but also one of way to acquire a new professional skill…

Beginning of May 2019, I decided to continue my PT as a marketing and sales manager’s assistant in” Myynti ja markkinointi Kuparinen” on the base placement work for Sun Sauna Oy company. This summer I followed the same strategy as last year, to learn theory and use it on practice. During spring semester, I took online course Global sales management, I found this course very interesting to me, therefore I decided to acquire my working skills not only in marketing but also in a sales management department.

This year I decided to focus more on sales work and on improvement of my sales and communication skills, such as a customer service (contact / e-mail marketing) through implementation my language skills, practicing Internship skills in sales process, customers communication through electronic tools (CRM system, design software and email software), collecting and data processing. I learned on practice to manage contact with both end customers and partners, to make an offer and tried to make an offer design, to make and process customers orders, and collect and process customers feedback.

At the same time, I continued a Foreign market research for acquisition customer and possible partnership and took lager area to observe such as a Baltic countries, Belarus and Russia.

To improve the hard skills in Digital marketing I continued to cope with the Facebook and Instagram marketing and Advertising how to manage Google AdWords and work with analytics.

My PT supervisor was very helpful and patient, he spends a lot of time to explain to me the necessary highlight of the professional needs and shared with me by the own work experience, due to what I studied the company product (sauna design) and the company sales process, at the same time, I improved my working skills to cope with social media advertising and my sales skills. Based on his entrepreneurship experience, I found out lot of new and practically useful information for my future, indeed. So, I spend my summer for improving on practice my hard skills and for acquisition a new working skill, therefore I am very pleasant to my supervisor who made an impact to my professional future, by teaching me to use my theoretical knowledge on practice.



Author: Tatyana Kauppinen