Know your customer and your Customer experience and satisfaction with BisLenz/Tridea Oy by Mihat Mohammadi

Completed my practical training in an amazing company called Tridea which is located in the center of Jyväskylä. I started my work in march 2021 and ended it in June.

Tridea is a company with many talented employees and a great employer who has lots of experience in business field. Tridea goal is and mission is to make the analytics part of everyday life! They are making measurement, development, and management of customer experience visible for the business owners. Tridea has developed a software which is called BisLenz, which is giving you for example all the insight details about your marketing campaign in all the social media platforms.

My job was to make market research, marketing planning, implementation of the software product, and keep the tweeter and Instagram posts updated by posting information about our software.

I was really happy with work, I had good supervisor and help when needed, the trust and the peace and freedom they give you is the key to have a success in your job, no pressure at all as my boss said he feel everyone perform good when you just give them the task and not giving them pressure. It helped me a lot to develop myself in every way I was expecting. I learned about E-commerce while I was working on my market research how to enter the Shopify eco-system and other E-commerce platforms. It was a great experience to work in Tridea I definitely recommend you to ask and do your practical training there if you are interested in marketing, market research and coding.

Author: Mihat Mohammadi