Discovering the Wedding Industry by Anna Zhuravleva

From January 2021 I had an amazing experience of working for the local bridal wear store – Wedding Garage.

At first, when applying to the practical training in the bridal store, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect and what, as a trainee, I could offer to this place. However, after I have met with the owner and my boss, I understood that it is one of the best opportunities that I could have ever found among the local businesses.

First of all, the CEO is very progressive, she is the person who is full of new ideas and a strong supporter of “can do” approach, after half a year of observing her work, I would say that she is a perfect example of the energetic modern entrepreneur. She immediately stated her vision of our work and future tasks: me and the other trainee could choose what we do, how much we work and help whenever possible. In other words, she had a very flexible approach to her trainees and that approach always inspired us to do more and do better. 

Me and other trainee have formed an effective team very quickly, with the help of each other we were able to work and learn.

My primary and most favourite tasks were social media account management and photoshoot management. For the social media account I had to create material, photos, videos and texts. Management of the photoshoots for the new dresses collections required a lot of planning and it was quite challenging at first to put all the ends together in order to receive a good quality material, however so far those photoshoots have been the most exciting tasks.

Other tasks included market and product researches and some general work at the store.

With confidence, I can say that I have learned a lot, I got to practice theoretical knowledge and discovered some new skills and abilities that would definitely be useful in the future.

I have also received plenty of knowledge about the clothing, bridal wear and wedding industry, so the internship was also very educational.

Author: Anna Zhuravleva