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Tartu University Hospital, Estonia


Tartu University Hospital (TUH) is the 12th partner of the Soulbus project and a leading academic medical centre for the past 2 centuries. It is also the largest provider of medical care in Estonia and the leading authority in kidney, bone marrow and liver transplants as well as congenital heart disease surgery. It consists of more than a dozen clinics with almost a thousand beds. Almost 2650 staff are medically trained (doctors, nurses and assistant nurses) and serve to provide inpatient, outpatient and community-based services ensuring a continuous development of medicine through high-level integrated medical treatment, training and research. The hospital serves the medical faculty of Tartu University as well as those of the Tartu Health Care College and provides for 360 THCC students having their practical placement in the hospital. Each year sees an increase in the number of foreign students in practical placement since THCC participates in different international mobility programmes. This experience will provide guidance towards making Soulbus effective.

Read in more detail in their institution description by clicking the following link: P12_TUH_Institution info