Sulaymon´s study and career story:

I am Sulaymon and I am originally from Nigeria. In 2010 after completing an Electrical Engineering program in Nigeria, I was considering studying in the USA or UK, but I learnt about Finland from a friend that was studying in Finland already. He told me about the quality of Finnish education and the best part of it is that it was FREE!

A bit more about myself!

I graduated from International Business from Jamk (2013-2016). I am a young individual who believes in possibilities in face of challenges. I never stop asking and knocking on doors. I work hard and smart at the same time and most importantly, I always have a positive outlook on the world and the future ahead. My personal motto is “Never lose hope and keep pushing”.

My experience in Finland so far (studies, social life, and work)

I like it here in Finland for many reasons. Finland promotes equality in quality education. The study curriculum is modern and in line with the recent trends in the industry. The teachers are generally very helpful, and the studying environment is super beautiful and calming.

Additionally, you can randomly join a cooking competition just like I did in 2017 with Grilli Maisteri? (picture below) remember to politely ask first anyways. Or you can simply have the president of Finland check out your 3D-printed Humanoid Robot project (see link).

Grilli Maisteri

In terms of work opportunities, I have had the opportunity to work in different sectors while studying and after my studies. However, some of my employment does not necessarily match my education. According to my experience, it could be quite challenging to gain employment in certain fields despite improved Finnish skills in Finland. Nowadays, I work at Jamk UAS as visiting Lecturer alongside my newly pivoted IT role.

Some takeaway advice from me!

Finland is a beautiful place to live and study (see pictures). However, aside from IT/engineering or nursing jobs with a shortage of labour, it might be challenging to gain employment in your field of study. As a student in Finland, I suggest you open your mind to learning the local languages, and technology as well. Finland is a high technology advanced and driven country. Hence, having some passion and interest in technology will be beneficial especially for students with foreign backgrounds and without a native level of Finnish skills. I know that not everyone must code (hello ChatGPT!) but understanding how technology works might open more doors for someone who studied business administration in school and eventually get an opportunity to work in a tech startup as a project manager for example. The bottom line is to make yourself more competitive. Always speak up and ask for opportunities, network with the right people, and never give up.

In conclusion, Finland has been a great place for me and my family so far. I believe Finnish society has gradually started to open up to students of foreign backgrounds in terms of job opportunities. Although, I believe there is still a long way to go. In the nearest future, I hope there are more opportunities for students with foreign backgrounds so that they are able to contribute positively to Finnish society as much as they can.