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Metsävaramittaus kunnostamattomissa metsissä -projektin verkkoblogi

English Project Summary

Forest Resource Measurement in Untreated Forests -project

Project owner: JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Financier: ELY Centre for Central Finland (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 2007-2013)
Record number: 11995
Project home: Jyväskylä, Finland
Timetable: 1.8.2011 – 30.06.2014
Budget: 272 225€
Project Manager: Petteri Weckström, Email: petteri.weckstrom (ät)

Project Summary

The objective of the Forest Resource Measurement in Untreated Forests -project was to develop the timber measurement and usage of the forest resource information especially in energy wood harvesting from untreated forests.

The project outcomes:

1) A timber measurement method is developed to produce information for amount and type of harvesting work from the measured test field.
2) The forest resource information collected by test field measurements and airborne laser scanning complement each other and their treatment is developed.

The target groups and the beneficiaries of the project are forest owners, forestry organizations, participating companies and educational organizations and their staff. The designed and introduced measurement method in the project can be used to influence positively to sustainable development. With the the method, estimating the harvesting work of energy wood can be facilitated in practice and promoted collecting the energy wood especially from young, untreated forests.

Expected results

  • Analyses of the present measurement methods
  • New measurement method for calculating amount and type of harvesting work in untreated forests
  • New algorithms for measuring forest distribution patterns
  • Reports from the test plots
  • Reports from the method work results and development proposals
  • Training material for the academic institutions
  • Project’s intermediate, assessment and final reports

Project partners: HAMK University of Applied Sciences, The Finnish Forest Centre, Forest Management Association Central Finland

Project Steering Group: Petteri Weckström, Aimo Pellinen, Risto Janhunen, Raito Paananen, Pentti Kaihlaniemi, Risto Viitala