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Piloting of Soulbus is starting

Following the presentation of Soulbus eLearning at the 3rd kickoff meeting held in Zagreb, our WP3 partners have directed the consortium to get everything ready for the 1st pilot. It is one of the two pilots that are planned throughout the project with the goal of refining the content that has been designed so that it meets the […]

Merry Christmas

Christmas special: Cultural awareness in Christmas time

Merry Christmas! It’s a common sentence in December. But what is a “merry Christmas”? Is it about the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ, is it about Santa Claus and the presents he brings, about the decorated Christmas tree, about a big dinner together with family, is it a combination or is it about […]

3rd Kick-off meeting concluded in Zagreb

The 3rd Soulbus kick-off meeting was held in Croatia, on the 19. and 20. of November. The meeting was organized by the partner from the University of Zagreb and hosted at the Faculty for Education and Rehabilitation. A detail, the abbreviation of the Faculty name ERF in the Slavic alphabet from the 9th century This is […]

Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia

Starting Wednesday, the 19th of November, begins the 3rd Kick off meeting of the Soulbus consortium. The meeting takes place halfway through the project at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences located in Zagreb, Croatia. Over the course of two days, the completed leg of this project will be summarized and […]

Multicultural coaching programme design

Our activities are slowly taking shape in the form of a coaching programme that will enable you to become multiculturally competent! In January of 2014, our WP2 partners and San Jose University designed and carried out a questionnaire. The collected information was analysed and summarized and distributed to partners in February for review. Following an […]

Activities, developments, articles and presentations of the project

The goal of the Soulbus project is to provide multicultural competencies teachers, mentors and finally students. To achieve this we examined muticultural experiences and expectations which were summarized and analyzed to build a eLearning course that will be piloted and updated. Along with the aforementioned activities, project partners have undertaken a series of activities to further […]

The first quarter is up

The Soulbus project is well under way. During the past several months we have been active and below is a summary of our activities. 2013 started with partners putting forward the Soulbus application which was approved in August. The next several months were spent on brainstorming, analysing and putting good ideas on paper. These were […]

The Case Repository

An increasing number of English degree programmes are available at various universities in Europe attracting foreign applicants. Along with them, a great number of Erasmus students choose to do a period or exchange study, increasing the scope of their education providing knowledge and skills required of graduated professionals in the field. However, the guidance skills […]

Meeting in Tartu, Estonia

Today, 1.4.2014, starts the 2nd Kick off meeting of the Soulbus consortium in Tartu Health Care College, located in Tartu, Estonia. Partner representatives are joined with USA partners from San Jose University who will be providing their valuable support in designing a Multicultural coaching programme for our European colleagues for the benefit of our students […]