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Piloting of Soulbus is starting

eCoach pilot_a

Following the presentation of Soulbus eLearning at the 3rd kickoff meeting held in Zagreb, our WP3 partners have directed the consortium to get everything ready for the 1st pilot. It is one of the two pilots that are planned throughout the project with the goal of refining the content that has been designed so that it meets the needs of teachers and mentors and delivers what is promised: multicultural competencies for teachers and mentors training professionals working or planning to work in a multicultural environment.

Where did the content design start?

Teachers at higher education institutions and mentors in working life partners were asked to answer a series of questions back in January of 2014, the answers were summarized and our WP2 partners produced a case study repository that was given to WP3 partners to use as guidelines to develop the content. The WP3 partners presented their initial plan for content design at the 2nd kick off meeting held in Tartu (Estonia) in April of 2014. The finalized content was brought for presentation to Zagreb and is now ready to be studied and refined.

How do we refine the content?

30 teachers and mentors have been selected to study the developed content in detail during the 1st (of the 2 planned) pilot(s). They will go through the pages of text, pictures, diagrams, movie clips, articles on the web as well as scientific journals that have been included or referenced in the content. They will observe and look for clues what is clear and done well, what is vague and needs polishing as well as where the marks have been missed and need to be rethought and redesigned in order to clearly teach multicultural competencies. All of these will be given in written form and used as basis to refine the content.

Why are the pilots so important?

More than a 100 professionals are planned to participate in the 2 pilots. This is especially important as each one of these professionals will be providing impressions from their own point of view as a professional as well as an individual, covering teaching at the higher education institution and mentoring in the working life partner institution for a range of professions – education, rehabilitation, health and social care. By piloting and redesigning content, e-Coach will offer content that relates to these professions, deals with contemporary issues in multiculturalism and addresses challenges that professionals will meet in multicultural environments.

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