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Activities, developments, articles and presentations of the project


The goal of the Soulbus project is to provide multicultural competencies teachers, mentors and finally students. To achieve this we examined muticultural experiences and expectations which were summarized and analyzed to build a eLearning course that will be piloted and updated. Along with the aforementioned activities, project partners have undertaken a series of activities to further the idea and goals of Soulbus to the academic as well as the general community to convey the benefits of the project.

All partners held meetings in their individual institutions as well as joined meetings to work out further details as each partner pair is responsible for managing a working package to contribute to the project.

For  two months now our partners in the Netherlands have been working on the Work Package 3, The Multicultural Coaching Programme. The professional roles with focus on multiculturalism have been defined. Professional competencies are described and serve to identify the criteria that indicate a candidate has acquired the competency; in other words “the pass mark” are known. These will be evaluated through a test that will be taken at the end of the course. Their working life partner institution is busy preparing cases that will make it all the more practical and interesting. And eLearning is in the works too!

Articles on international students experiences during their stay at partner institutions were also published. Students discussed their understanding of the necessity of cultural diversity in their professional environment. It also discussed the amount of exposure they received in their academic and practical work to compare and contrast levels of services to those of their own home. An added benefit is learning to find a solution to work around the language barrier. The students point out that all of this was possible through the support of teachers and tutors.  They left their unforgettable exchange experience as stronger, more confident individuals better prepared to meet challenges in their work. We also have one story available on YouTube

Finally, the project was presented on the international level to other professionals. The 1st presentation was held at the 7th international scientific conference: Knowledge, values, beliefs and evidence in developing quality health care: the place and the role of nursing. The 2nd presentation was give at the 10th Congress: Encouraging environment for lifelong learning. Both of these were a success! Professionals from Spain, USA, England, Scotland and Bosnia met the presentation with enthusiasm and professionals with extensive interest in multicultural issues inquired further where and when to learn about the project progress and when the multicultural coaching programme will be finished.

We made a list, we are ticking off completed tasks and we will keep you posted!