Beauty of Central Finland

Blog by Anna Zhuravleva

Hey, fellow students, today I would like to share my blog and thoughts with you!  

My name is Anna, and I would like to tell you why I love Central Finland and have chosen it as a place to live.  

Among foreign visitors there is a certain false belief that Finland beyond Helsinki is boring and has nothing to offer. The goal of this blog is to prove this assumption wrong and describe the places that are worthy of a visit and will not leave you disappointed.  

Thanks to my hobby – drone photography, I have gotten a chance to travel across Central Finland on many occasions, visit various cities and places of interest.  

Jyväskylä – the central city has 8 museums, a breathtaking harbor with promenade and restaurants, a city theater, and a concert hall. Jyväskylä is also famous for the nature trails for hikers and the sport road for cycling and jogging around the lake.  

Äänekoski – the city has an art and a railways museum with the real steam locomotive of the past displayed in one of the parks. The central street is a great representation of a provincial Finnish city stuck in the nice early 2000nds. The city harbor is small but cozy looking with a surprisingly clear view of the bottom of the lake.  


Saarijärvi – JAMK BIO campus is situated in this city.  Saarijärvi is memorable for its war-time grand cathedral and memorial cemetery. It also has an art museum and a historical installation place called Kivikauden Kylä – the place is operating in summer and represents a nature trail/museum with installations about ancient tribes that once roamed Central Finland. Most notably, you can try your skills in archery and other ancient crafts there.  

Korpilahti – in this city one of the most interesting places is Oravivuori Triangulation Tower, art gallery in the harbour and the main cathedral. The city itself is a cozy ark of Finnish countryside lifestyle.  

Suolahti – the city is famous for its lakes and fascinating landscapes and in summer every last Saturday of the month a 30-year-old summer train from the end of 80s with a restaurant on board is taking the tourists from Jyväskylä central station to this city.  

Muurame – this municipality is just a small cozy countryside famous for its natural walk path around the swamps and old firefighting station.  

Säynätsalo – this municipality is famous for a hall designed by Alvar Aalto and beautiful views from the main bridge.  

These are only a few places and attractions described. Central Finland has to offer many more exciting and beautiful places.