Jamk Talent Boost Newsletter 2/22

Dear International Student/Graduate, greetings from the JAMK Talent Boost!  

Talent Boost is a new project that is aimed at improving the opportunities of JAMK’s international students in finding internship or employment in Central Finland. We are hoping to improve the awareness of International Students about the job market and provide extensive information on recruitment, improve Finnish language learning possibilities and strengthen collaboration with businesses and organizations of Central Finland to rise the number of JAMK graduates that get employed in Central Region.  The project is not only exclusive to JAMK, but also a part of the national program.

Next in our program for you: Instagram Live Stream 11.3.22 + Boost Your Finnish Experience Workshop (18.3.,25.3. & 1.4.2022 at 13.00 in R35_C113)

Would you like to know more about future activities and events of Talent Boost? Interested in learning more about upcoming “Boost Your Finnish Experience” workshop? Join the Instagram live-stream of Talent Boost on Friday 11.3.22 at 13.00 and learn more!

Finnish language teacher would be presenting the new workshop that would be held physically on Rajakatu campus. The aim of the workshop is helping the students and graduates to communicate in Finnish in a safe environment under the teacher´s supervision, the workshop also aims at explaining the students the topics and information from social services that is provided only in Finnish. Participants of the workshop can choose topics that they want to discuss and would like to get clarifications on (daycare, healthcare etc). The workshop doesn´t need any registration! On the live-stream you can learn more about it and ask questions before attending the workshop.

Boost Your Finnish Experience workshop would be held in C113 Rajakatu campus from 13.00 to 15.00 on 18.3., 25.3 and 1.4.2022.

Information about the workshop and future Talent Boost events, activities, and plans – will be presented on the live-stream!

Instagram Link: 


Workshop Posterhttps://jamkstudent-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/anna_zhuravleva_jamk_fi/EYlBnKl1GM9Nsky9IWDJoIgBGGokRvHjRAGCwDbupPVNEQ?e=4d1p5a

Boost Your Networking Skills! Event 22.4.22 13.00-16.00 Rajakatu Campus D148 & D149

Interested in meeting representatives of organizations and companies from Central Finland and networking with them? Would like to ask questions from companies and their activities and projects? Learn more about the job market in Central Finland and get a chance to expand your network! The event is held on Rajakatu JAMK Campus on the 22d of April from 13.00 to 16.00. For more details follow Talent Boost social media!  

Register for the event and be the first to get updates and information like list of companies-participants, location, and timing. (Registration is not mandatory) 

Registration Link: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/F47DFB51A3676C3E

Jamk Talent Boost Pop-ups are moved to the new schedule!

As you probably know, already for more than a month Jamk Talent Boost is ready to meet the students every Friday in Zoom and help with the career advice, CV or Motivational letter preparation, LinkedIn check and other consultation that the students need. From this week onwards we are changing the schedule and moving the pop-ups to 11am. The pop-ups will continue to take place every Friday (except public holidays and Friday 22.4.22) until the mid-May from 11.00 to 12.00 in Zoom.

Zoom link is recurring: https://jamk.zoom.us/j/69613319774

Juttuklubi JAMK Main Campus 4 May, from 14:00-16:00

The event idea is to present the venue/organization as a working place, tell some real-life stories and chat with the participants. Networks and Finnish language skills improve in a natural environment.

News about Juttuklubi:

Expertise Centre for Immigrants in Jyväskylä:

This organization promotes employment of foreign residents in Finland and the recognition of the skills of international talent. The Expertise Centre for Immigrants supports foreign-language customers to improve their Finnish in Finnish language trainings, get to know more about the basic job seeking and support them to find their own expertise to promote employment through individual guidance and counselling. You can become a client for this organization if:

  • You’re an unemployed job seeker.
  • You’re under threat of unemployment, for example graduating in 6months

Expertise Center for Immigrants helps you to find a job, a place to study or start your own business.

Check out their website, recent newsletter, and the activity calendar below to be updated with useful information!

Website: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/en/employment-service/expertise-centre-for-immigrantsNewsletter: https://sway.office.com/Y2bqMDXQzMP1WGLD?ref=email

Calendar: https://fi.padlet.com/jyvaskylaosaamiskeskus/palvelut

Help a Finnish student to find better ways of establishing better cooperation between citizens and

Finnish Ministry of Interior Affairs: 
Hello! I am Suvituuli Posio and I am doing my Master’s thesis in Service Design for Laurea University of Applied Sciences. My client is the Finnish Ministry of the Interior Affairs. The purpose of my thesis is to create a functional citizen panel, through which the Ministry of the Interior Affairs can ask citizens for their opinions in the preparation of a comprehensive immigration policy. I am grateful, if you could attend an interview or the workshops. Below are links to both the interviews and the recruitment questionnaire for workshop participants, in both English and Finnish. The interviews and workshops are completely voluntary and not binding.
Link for the request for an interview: https://forms.office.com/r/xic0YEwTNX Link in Finnish to participate in the workshop: https://forms.office.com/r/sNWdAw5Unb Link in English to participate in the workshop: https://forms.office.com/r/SM7fWadmmZ The information obtained from the interviews and workshops will be for my own use only and will be destroyed as soon as my thesis is completed. If you have any questions, please contact me! Sincerely, Suvituuli   

Webinar REALIZE 16.3.22 10am:

Jamk´s project Hoksautus is organizing a webinar on which you can listen to the speakers that would be discussing the topics of employment and job market. One of the speakers is the CEO of Pointer Potential – which is a recruiting company that is specialized in recruiting international talents that already live in Finland. Hearing about their services especially could be useful for students who wish to continue their career in Finland. Pointer Potential’s power point slides will be in English but in general, the whole event will be in Finnish.

Link to the webinar: https://www.jamk.fi/fi/tapahtuma/nakokulmia-kansainvalisen-osaajan-rekrytointiin-webinaari 

PDF brochure: Kutsu_HOKSAUTUS_Näkökulmia kansainvälisen osaajan rekrytointiin -webinaari 16.3.2022.pdf

Information about Finnish language Learning possibilities:

Below, you can find useful links and information about the possibilities of Finnish language learning in Central Finland.

Missä voit oppia suomea lyhyillä kursseilla?: https://sway.office.com/ErSeCD2uIdbqxd4T?ref=Link

Information about Finnish language learning in Jyväskylä: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/tyollisyyspalvelut/maahanmuuttaneiden-osaamiskeskus/toimintaa-maahanmuuttaneille

Possible Available Internships or Jobs in Finland:

  1. Duunitori introduces the new search page that helps you to access the jobs only in English! This page is designed specifically for non-Finnish speakers! The page contains all tools and descriptions that the job seeker can utilize while searching for the perfect job position: https://jobsfinland.fi/   
  2. Business Finland has recently launched the page for English speaking job seekers in Finland. On the page you can choose the categories, see how many jobs are currently available, see the company information and check the location on the map! : https://jobsinfinland.fi/?keyword=finance 
  3. If you are a resident of the Helsinki region or would like to find the work from Helsinki, this page that specifically publishes the open positions in Uusimaa region can be very helpful: https://www.jobsinhelsinki.com/  
  4. Customer Care Internship in English in Uusimaa region. Management events. Link to the LinkedIn application: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2929648358  
  5. Wärtsilä Test Engineering Trainee, application until 18.2.22 : https://careers.wartsila.com/job/Vaasa-Test-Engineer%2C-Engine-testing/779941101/  
  6. Wärtsilä, Vaasa, Training Coordinator, application until 17.3.22: https://careers.wartsila.com/job/Vaasa-Training-Coordinator/780045501/  
  7. Wärtsilä has other positions opened that are advertised in English too: https://careers.wartsila.com/search/?createNewAlert=false&q=Finland&optionsFacetsDD_title=&optionsFacetsDD_country=&optionsFacetsDD_customfield2=&optionsFacetsDD_customfield1=&optionsFacetsDD_customfield3=  
  8. Nokian Tiers, Trainee Supply Cain: https://nokiantyres.rekrytointi.com/paikat/?o=A_RJ&jgid=1&jid=1036 
  9. Nokian Tiers Summer trainee job in R&D: https://nokiantyres.rekrytointi.com/paikat/?o=A_RJ&jgid=1&jid=1033  
  10. Neste Oy is searching for a Master´s Thesis worker in the field of sustainable aviation fuel production and its techno-economic evaluation. Application via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2951778971 
  11. Brancoy Oy is looking for Frontend Developer in Jyväskylä: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/29327815 
  12. Wärtsilä, Cyber Security Trainee: https://intra.jamk.fi/opiskelijat/harjoittelu/Lists/harjoittelunopeat/DisplayNewsForm.aspx?ID=2038&lang=1033
  13. FINEEC: Internship in the Communications Team (Helsinki or Jyväskylä) : https://intra.jamk.fi/opiskelijat/harjoittelu/Lists/harjoittelunopeat/DisplayNewsForm.aspx?ID=2034&Source=https%3A%2F%2Fintra%2Ejamk%2Efi%2Fopiskelijat%2Fharjoittelu%2FLists%2Fharjoittelunopeat%2FAllItems%2Easpx%23InplviewHash2dada254%2D6b08%2D47c2%2Da964%2D0af3e3473f33%3D&ContentTypeId=0x0104007C7A3EB01F754CFEA3D11D79296AE4C6005AAA8E340D524CD79343F9E9031DF2C400EBD8B9CCA44D2540AB7F1BA836645A85
  14. Jukolan Juusto is searching for a summer trainee. Job description is in Finnish, fluent Finnish skills needed: https://jukolanjuusto.fi/rekry/
  15. Reactor Oy is searching for the full time HR specialist: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2934633393
  16. Strawberry-pickers, Saarijärvi (60 km from Jyväskylä) June-July of 2022: https://paikat.te-palvelut.fi/tpt/11255585?searchPhrase=mansikanpoimija&locations=Saarij%C3%A4rvi&announced=0&leasing=0&english=false&sort=1

Thank you for your input in the future of JAMK’s International Students! 

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