Jamk Talent Boost Newsletter 3/22

Greetings from the Jamk Talent Boost!  

Talent Boost aims at improving the opportunities for Jamk’s international students in finding internships or employment in Central Finland. We are hoping to improve the awareness of International Students about the job market and provide extensive information on recruitment, improve Finnish language learning possibilities and strengthen collaboration with businesses and organizations in Central Finland to raise the number of Jamk graduates that get employed in the Central Region.  The project is not only exclusive to Jamk but also a part of the national program

  1. Talent Boost trainee positions for spring–autumn 2022 for Jamk international degree programmes, apply now!

Please note that these positions are for students with a foreign background. International students face a challenging job market environment and a harder path towards career development, so we kindly ask our dear Finnish students not to apply this time. Thank you for understanding!  

­Job title: Talent Boost trainee, 1-2 per School, international students and graduates ­­­

Unit: Jamk Schools of Business (IB, Tourism, BIT), Technology (IT, Logistics), and Health and Social Studies (Nursing) 

Duration: appr. April – December, part-time (20-50 %) 

Salary: depends on the working hours per month, to be defined later 

Location: Jamk main campus and Lutakko campus 

Reporting to: Heads of degree programmes 

Job mode: physically present at the office, sometimes possible to work in hybrid mode 

Job description: 

We are looking for enthusiastic people with fresh ideas. You should have the ability to work in a team and communicate effectively with students and representatives of organizations and companies in Central Finland.  We also expect our candidates to have sufficient marketing and organizational skills, and eagerness to learn the Finnish language. One of the main tasks will be planning and implementing campus events for students.  

On the job you will be working in close cooperation with the staff from the Schools of Business, Technology and Health and Social Studies. Your main location will be on the Main campus or Lutakko campus. The trainees are allowed to work remotely if the circumstances enable to do so.  

You’ll be working closely with other Talent Boost trainees as a group and in pairs. Together you are expected to complete various marketing, organizational and communications tasks and collaborate with the Talent Boost project. You will get support from the Talent Boost staff. 

The tasks include:  

  • Digital marketing: work with social media and digital content creation, video filming   
  • Communication with the students – meeting the students, marketing to the students 
  • Event planning, preparation, and organization 
  • Communication with local companies and organizations  
  • Other tasks that the management might see necessary to assign  

What we offer:  

  • Part-time internship in a dynamic and international atmosphere  
  • Office workspace  
  • Opportunity to combine internship with studies – flexible hours and months 
  • Possibility of expanding the network, possibility to strengthen and practice your knowledge obtained during studies.  
  • Practical training or Future Factory project ECTS  

What Jamk is looking for in a candidate:  

  • Fluent English skills C1 and upper  
  • Finnish skills at least solid A1 and upper, or at least Finnish 1 completed.  
  • Good teamwork skills, self-orientation, and the ability to ask for help and the second opinion 
  • Strong interpersonal, cultural, and organizational skills  
  • Flexible, social, adaptable, and reliable person 
  • Sufficient marketing skills, good knowledge of social media marketing, video and photo content creation skills  
  • Fluency in using Jamk IT systems (Microsoft Office, Moodle, Elmo, printing)  
  • Event management skills  
  • Presentation and public speaking skills  
  • Communication skills with unfamiliar people

The application period is only until the 17th of April. The eligible candidates will be invited via Outlook e-mail to the interview and the others will be notified of the decision as well.  If facing any problems with the application form, contact: anna.zhuravleva@jamk.fi

Application Link: https://link.webropol.com/s/jamktalentboost

2. Boost Your Networking Skills! Event 22 April, 13:00-16:00, Rajakatu Campus

Interested in meeting representatives of organizations and companies from Central Finland and networking with them? Would like to ask questions from companies and their activities and projects? Learn more about the job market in Central Finland and get a chance to expand your network! The event is held on Jamk Rajakatu Campus, on April 22nd from 13.00 to 16.00.

The companies and organizations that are invited on the event are: Brande Oy, Trustmary Oy, Brella.io, Valtra Oy, Qvantel Oy, StaffPoint, Esperi Care Oy, Wari ry, Expertise Center for Immigrants, International Jyväskylä, JES (Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society).

The event starts at 13.00 in Tulikari D205 (Rajakatu Campus). The first part of the event is presentations and introductions which will last until 14.30. Next, after the small break, in D148 & D149 the networking starts from 14.50 to 16.00. There also would be free snacks and beverages at the event 🙂

Register for the event and be the first to get updates and information like the list of companies, location, and timing. (Registration is not mandatory if you notice it too late.)

Registration Link: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/F47DFB51A3676C3E

  1. Jamk Talent Boost Pop-ups on Fridays, 11:00-12:00

Jamk Talent Boost is ready to meet the students every Friday in Zoom and help with the career advice, CV or motivation letter preparations, LinkedIn check and other consultation that the students need. The pop-ups will continue to take place every Friday (except public holidays and 22.4.22) until mid-May from 11.00 to 12.00 in Zoom.

Zoom link is reoccurring: https://jamk.zoom.us/j/69613319774

4.   Juttuklubi, Main Campus JAMKO Café, 4 May, from 14:00-16:00

The event idea is to present the hosting organization as a working place (focusing on project work at Jamk), tell some real-life stories and chat with the participants. Networks and Finnish language skills improve in a natural environment. The event is held in JAMKO Café. Talent Boost offers some snacks and an opportunity to listen to interesting speeches and practice your Finnish speaking skills.

News about Juttuklubi:

·         https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/blogit/moninaiset-osaajat/loistava-juttu

·         https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-12213894

5.   International Food Days 27 April, 8 June and 14 September (Rajakatu 35)

Jamk Talent Boost would like to help its students to discover new cultures and try the traditional food of other countries! On the 27April, Talent Boost organizes a day of Indian food on the main campus. The food from India will be served as a regular student lunch, plus we are preparing some entertainment and decorations.

On 8 June we are going to have a day of Ukrainian food and on September 14th we’ll serve traditional French food. Prepare for some fun during your lunch break!

6.   SavottaHackathon – New business opportunities from textile industry side streams

The amendment to the EU Waste Directive will significantly change the recovery of textile waste, as by 2025 European countries will have to organize a separate collection of textile waste. In Finland, the obligation to collect textile waste separately will take effect from 2023, when companies will have to deliver their waste textiles for recycling. Hackathon’s goal is to find new ideas, commercial partners and ways of utilizing Finn-Savotta Oy’s by-products and wastes generated as side streams of textile product manufacturing. Another goal is to start looking for ideas and partners and to stimulate new industries to come up with products that make it possible to utilize separately collected textile waste and replace some of the virgin raw materials with recycled materials. As the old proverb says, the rubbish of one can be a treasure of another!

PDF brochure: SavottaHackathon invitation EN_0.pdf

7.   Versona: 2-4 practical trainees in tourism, marketing and productization (Joutsa) :

  • Type of job: practical training, thesis
  • company: Versona Oy
  • location: mostly remote, visits to Leivonmäki national park that will be agreed beforehand, tourism sites in Central Finland
  • starting date: by agreement, preferably before 1.6.2022
  • application period ends: 15.6.2022
  • duration: by agreement, 1-3 months, can be applied flexibly according to the trainee’s needs
  • field of education: business, natural resources, tourism

We are looking for self-initiated and active trainees for the next spring-summer and autumn seasons. The trainee(s) may be more deeply involved in one or two projects or be involved in more than one defined project. Language skills Finnish and English, other language skills are considered an advantage, eg Japan, Spain, France. Training is unpaid. A commission-based salary is paid for any sales work that is agreed upon in advance. We expect good management of the MS Office product family as well as at least Facebook and Instagram user experience. Want to learn and self-initiative will go a long way!

Trainees’ assignments may include some of the following (not all need to be taken):

  1. E-commerce work in the Johku online store
  2. Homepage work in wordpress platform
  3. Video and still photography, editing and production
  4. Travel agency cooperation, in Finnish and English
  5. Productization for joint products of Versona and Versona + partners e.g. nature sports, tourism, accommodation, etc.
  6. Production of events, eg well-being at work and recreation and travel packages
  7. Project work; preparation, application, implementation
  8. Event marketing, sales and execution
  9. Some platforms of five tourism companies operating in connection with Leivonmäki National Park
    • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat ..

Our internship topics include the following entities. Here are some options for practice topics. Some of the products are intertwined, so it may make sense to be involved in more than one whole.

  1. National park hopping – product commercialization process. Testing, further productization, activities with partners e.g. accommodation and catering companies. Marketing, sales and travel agency cooperation. (After the internship, an opportunity to get employed in the international tourism marketing and / or production of an NPH product!) Opportunity to work remotely!
  2. Empty and recreational products development, sales and marketing. Assembling, marketing and cooperating with partners (approx. 20 companies) around the days of nature sports products such as fat bike tours, etc. Provides an active opportunity for employment in the company and network. Teleworking opportunity!
  3. Maintenance of the Versona Leivonmäki National Park office (also possible in Laukaa Varjola ati Jyväskylä), development, sale and customer service of equipment rental product.
  4. Leivonmäki National Park and Joutsa area tourism companies social media work + still and video shooting or one of these + editing and production tasks (5 companies), here a separate joint trainee.

What is Versona?

Versona Oy is a company specializing in nature sports, nature events and tourism. The company was founded in 2016. Our main products are the company’s empty and recreational products with various means of nature sports (eg fatbike, hiking, kick sledding, hiking, kayaking, etc.) to which we combine either our own or our partners’ additional services such as accommodation, sauna, wellness and restaurant meals and other nature activities.

Travelers need well-produced and easy-to-buy services

For consumers, we organize guided nature experiences of various sizes for full-service nature experience products lasting from an hour to about a week. These include the Nationalpark hopping product, which has attracted a great deal of interest around the world. We build NPH products mainly for the international market. In addition, we organize our own events and are involved in nature and exercise and wellness events organized by our partners!

I will be happy to answer your additional questions!

Timo Hämäläinen,

managing director,

experience guide p.044 3456 107https://versona.fi/fi/

Other available internships or jobs in Finland:

  • Duunitori introduces the new search page that helps you to access the jobs only in English! This page is designed specifically for non-Finnish speakers! The page contains all tools and descriptions that the job seeker can utilize while searching for the perfect job position: https://jobsfinland.fi/  
  • Business Finland has recently launched the page for English speaking job seekers in Finland. On the page you can choose the categories, see how many jobs are currently available, see the company information and check the location on the map! : https://jobsinfinland.fi/?keyword=finance
  • If you are a resident of the Helsinki region or would like to find the work from Helsinki, this page that specifically publishes the open positions in Uusimaa region can be very helpful: https://www.jobsinhelsinki.com/  

Estee Lauder Finnish Helsinki office, Marketing and Sales Intern: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2964189638


  Thanks for reading! We hope you’ll find it useful.  

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