Jamk Talent Boost Newsletter 6/22

Dear international student or graduate, greetings from Jamk Talent Boost!  

Talent Boost is a project aimed at improving the opportunities of Jamk’s international students in finding internships or employment in Central Finland. We are hoping to improve the awareness of International Students about the job market and provide extensive information on recruitment, improve Finnish language course availability, and strengthen collaboration with businesses and organizations in Central Finland to raise the number of Jamk graduates that get employed in Central Region. 

Jamk Talent Boost Feedback Survey   

The project has been around for a year now. We would like to receive your feedback and suggestions about our current activities, past events and recommendations for future activities, services and what help would you like to receive from us. Please spend a bit of your time, 5 minutes or so, and help Talent Boost to improve. The anonymous survey is open until the 25th of September.  

Link: https://link.webropol.com/s/TBfeedback

Boost Your Finnish Experience: Finnish language workshops on Dynamo and Rajakatu campuses 

Jamk Talent Boost is happy to announce that our Finnish language workshops will continue in autumn. The workshops offer free consultation on how to make your CV and other job-seeking documents in Finnish, plus, you can practice your Finnish language tasks with the teacher. You can boost your speaking skills to ensure good results e.g. in job interviews!

The workshops will take place every 2 weeks in Dynamo and every 2 weeks in Rajakatu campuses.

Rajakatu campus location and schedule:

Time: 9am-11am

Location: Monimuototila R35BP05.1

Dates: 22.9.2022 / 6.10.2022 / 27.10.2022 / 10.11.2022 / 24.11.2022 / 8.12.2022 

Lutakko (Dynamo) location and schedule:

Time: 9am-11am

Location: D125 Waneri

Dates: 15.9.2022 / 29.9.2022 / 13.10.2022 / 3.11.2022 / 17.11.2022 / 1.12.2022

Finnish language support for practical training

From October onwards Jamk Language Centre offers support for international students who do their practical training in Finland. A dedicated Finnish teacher will help you and the company solve such questions as:  

  • how to learn Finnish efficiently at work? 
  • how to improve your Finnish skills? 
  • how to interact and communicate in Finnish at workplaces? 
  • what are the cultural aspects of Finnish work life? 

Stay tuned to our channels to learn more about this concept in autumn. If you know already that you’ll have the internship in autumn or if you’re looking for one and need the support, please reply to this message.

Jamk Ambassador Program 2022-2023

Title: Jamk International Student Ambassador, 1-2 per School, international students from bachelor and master’s level.  

Unit: Jamk Schools of Business, Technology and Health and Social Studies  

Duration: appr. September – May, part-time (appr. 0-15 hours per week)  

Salary: The job has no monetary compensation or salary; however, the ambassadors will have a VIP access to selected events, all the expenses that might arise in the process are handled by Jamk or City of Jyväskylä, with the prior agreement and approval.  

Location: Central Finland, Jyväskylä   

Reporting to: Jamk Talent Boost and City of Jyväskylä 

Mode: physically present at the events and locations, independent mode  

Apply to be a Jamk Ambassador! 

The Jamk Ambassador Programme offers you the chance to get to know your student city Jyväskylä in a very special way. You will get to know local organizations, working life, leisure opportunities, participate in events and build your networks. At the same time, you’ll be representing Jyväskylä, and the opportunities that it provides by sharing your own experiences. We hope you’ll tell future students about Jamk as a place to study and about city of Jyväskylä as a place to live, work, and find your path. 

We are looking for enthusiastic, communicative, and social people with fresh ideas. You should have the ability to work in a team, as well as independently, and communicate effectively with students and representatives of organizations in Central Finland.  We also expect our candidates to have sufficient content creation and social media management skills – plus eagerness to learn the Finnish language! Digital marketing skills are an advantage. The ambassadors will be working in close cooperation with the representatives of Jamk and City of Jyväskylä. The range of tasks will include active digital and physical communication with the students, as well as marketing different events and activities to the students.  

The candidate’s schedule should be flexible, since the range of tasks will include attending scheduled events and meetings, which can only be skipped in cases of emergencies, thus, you should be ready to be available for the planned events. Part of your role is to share your experiences about living and studying in Jyväskylä with the new potential applicants as well as the current students. Lastly, a good, already established network of student, graduates, Finns, and foreigners in Jyväskylä is also considered as an advantage! Naturally previous experience in tutoring and other activities is also considered as a plus.

Read the full description and apply via the link (deadline 11.9.2022): https://link.webropol.com/s/ambassadorsapplication

Career Boost 1 event 16.9.2022, F413 Rajakatu Campus, 12.00-14.00

The event does not need registration – come over and learn about different channels of the job search in Jyväskylä and Finland!

Also, get to know some HR and CV tips from the employees of the Brande Oy, Esperi Oy and Qvantel Oy. Learn about the integration opportunities in Jyväskylä and participate in the CV exercise. Plus, networking and communication to boost your career skills and strengthen your connections!

Boost Your Pocket! Event 30.9.2022 Dynamo D505 & D506 from 12.00 to 15.00

Meet the companies that offer part time jobs “for money” – learn about the jobs that are available in Central Finland and can be done part-time while studying, without fluency in Finnish. The companies that employ cleaners, deliverers, etc. Network, meet new people, strengthen your connections. Registration is not needed.

Integration Into the Finnish Society Course ZW00BS75-3001:

The Integration Into The Finnish Society course is offered to all International students of Jamk, JYU and Gradia! The course is for those who would like to get acquainted with the Finnish culture, communication environment, social and public services, life in Finland and overall information that is useful to know when planning to start the life and career in Finland. The course duration is 1 semester and the teaching will be done in the on-campus mode in the autumn semester, at the main campus of Jamk (Rajakatu 35). The course will be taking 1,5 hours per week and will include 11 sessions. JYU and GRADIA students can access the course too via EduFutura! The course can be taken online, but only if the student is currently not present in Finland. You can check the course´s schedule and availability via Peppi “course search”, if you are the Jamk student, the course code is ZW00BS75-3001. For the students from Gradia or JYU please follow the links: https://edufutura.fi/opintotarjotin/?… and https://amp.jamk.fi/asio/kurssiilmo/j…

The enrollment period is until 4.9.2022.

Finnish and career courses available in the Talent Boost modules:

“Finnish 5 / Suomi 5” is now available in Peppi for degree students. Other courses worth checking out: Finnish 3, Kirjoita suomeksi, Suomea työhön and Creating Careers (online). The enrollment period is until 31st of August.

Finnish courses in Campus Online:

Campus Online offers online courses from 20 Finnish universities of applied sciences. For degree students the courses are always free of charge and can be added easily to the Jamk transcript. Please discuss the course choices with your career tutor.

International Jyväskylä – Info Center:  

It is a multilingual service point, where you can get information, guidance and counseling in 16 different languages.  They can be your first point of contact, if you have any questions related to e.g., living or finding accommodation, working, studying, residence permits, social services, health care, leisure time activities or any other topic related to settling down here in Jyväskylä. International Jyväskylä – Info Center is a joint initiative of City of Jyväskylä and Ministry of Economic affairs and Employment. It provides services to everyone living in the Central Finland region, irrespective of the person’s background or reason for coming to Finland.  

Info about the Info Center

Follow Info Center on Facebook and Instagram: @internationaljyvaskyla 

Link to the website: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/en/projects/international-jyvaskyla-info-center 

Expertise Centre for Immigrants Jyväskylä: 

This organization promotes employment of foreign residents in Finland and the recognition of the skills of international talent. The Expertise Centre for Immigrants supports foreign-language customers to improve their Finnish in Finnish language trainings, get to know more about the basic job seeking and support them to find their own expertise to promote employment through individual guidance and counselling. They help you to find a job, a place to study or start your own business.You can become a client for this organization if: 

  • You are an unemployed job seeker. 
  • You are under threat of unemployment, for example graduating in 6 months 

Check out their website, recent newsletter, and the activity calendar below to be updated with useful information! 

Website: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/en/employment-service/expertise-centre-for-immigrants 

Calendar: https://fi.padlet.com/jyvaskylaosaamiskeskus/palvelut 

International Talents from the Junior Chamber of Commerce 

JCI Jyväskylä will organize workshops that are a great opportunity to construct a network leading to finding jobs and opportunities in Central Finland area. The program and the dates of the workshops will be communicated soon. Stay tuned! For more information check the: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/international-talent-project/ 

Finland Works event 5.10.2022

Recruitment event for students and graduates who are searching for job in Finland. Great platform and a webinar to help the job seekers connect with the employers and easily see the listed opportunities!

Link for registration: https://www.europeanjobdays.eu/en/events/finland-works-2

Check out the activities of Gloria Multicultural Center:

​The multicultural center presents interesting activities for the immigrants, like youth working groups, events and Finnish language workshops, check out their social media: https://www.facebook.com/monikulttuurikeskus.gloria

Jyväskylä Student Job fair – 13.09.2022, 9am-17pm, Seminaarinkatu:

Learn about the jobs available in Jyväskylä, network, meet the employers and get a chance to find your part time job or internship. More infnromation: http://www.ks-tapahtumat.fi/wp-event/jyvaskyla-student-jobs-fair/

Bangladeshi Food Day 14.9.2022

Time: 10.30-13.30 lunch time

Location: Rajakatu campus, Juvenes canteens for students and staff

Juvenes restaurant offers a selection of Bangladeshi recipes to accommodate our Bangladeshi foreign students. The meals will be available the entire time of the lunch, and the prices will not change.

Rekry 22.9.2022

Time: 10:00-17.00

Location: Paviljonki

The recruitment, employment & training event brings together recruiting companies and educational institutions, professionals changing or looking for a job, and those considering a new career, field or entrepreneurship. Admission to the event is free.

Possible Available Internships or Jobs in Central Finland and other regions:  ​

  • Duunitori introduces the new search page that helps you to access the jobs only in English! This page is designed specifically for non-Finnish speakers! The page contains all tools and descriptions that the job seeker can utilize while searching for the perfect job position: https://jobsfinland.fi/  
  • Business Finland has recently launched the page for English speaking job seekers in Finland. On the page you can choose the categories, see how many jobs are currently available, see the company information and check the location on the map!  https://jobsinfinland.fi/?keyword=finance

      Thank you for your input on the future of Jamk’s International Students and thanks for reading!  


Talent Boost Team  

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