Jamk Talent Boost Newsletter 8/22

Dear international student or graduate, greetings from Jamk Talent Boost!   

Talent Boost aims at improving the opportunities for Jamk’s international students in finding internships or employment in Central Finland. We are hoping to improve the awareness of International Students about the job market and provide extensive information on recruitment, improve Finnish language course availability, and strengthen collaboration with businesses and organizations in Central Finland to raise the number of Jamk graduates that get employed in the Central Region.   

GoOn: Recruitment services for foreigners (18.11.2022; 12.00-13.00 Valjakka):  

GoOn Yhtiöt is going to present their services to Jamk international students!  

Are you wondering how to get a job though the recruitment agency in Finland?  

For international job seekers Go On can provide trainings, recruitment updates and help with searching for job in Finland – some of their services are free of charge! They also provide consulting and can help you draw up a map of your recruitment plan! GoOn has a big network of different companies in various cities in Finland. You as a student, your friends and family can use their services to potentially get hired! Go On will have an info session presenting their services for students and families, everyone is welcome! The event will take place in Jamk Rajakatu 35 Campus, Valjakka Auditorium (FP05) on Friday 18.11.2022 from 12.00-13.00. 

If you wish to get an Outlook calendar invitation, please register: https://link.webropol.com/ep/talentboostgoon  (The registration is not mandatory) 

Jamk Talent Boost webinar: How to continue master or PhD level at Jamk or JYU (18.11.022; 12.00-14.30 Zoom):   

Are you planning to apply for Master´s or PhD? This webinar is for you! How to apply, program offering and student stories. The specialists from both educational institutions will be presenting the Master’s degree opportunities, talking about the registration and acceptance criteria, scholarship criteria, and answering questions.  

The session will take place online, in Zoom.  If you wish to get a personal Outlook invitation with more details, please register (the registration is not mandatory): https://link.webropol.com/ep/talentboostjyuwebinar 

Boost Your Networks in collaboration with Crazy Town (23.11.2022; 13.00-16.00 in Crazy Town Jyväskylä – Kauppakatu 39):  

Networking event dedicated to meeting companies, various organizations and Jamk alumni!! The event is organized by Jamk Talent Boost in collaboration with Crazy Town . Prepare yourself for the spring-summer recruitment and get to know local organizations, companies and other students. 

Visit our CV and LinkedIn preparation workshop and get your profile picture taken in our photo booth. Make new connections and friends, learn new information about the job market possibilities, and get to know your own opportunities.  The event has a non-mandatory registration: https://link.webropol.com/ep/boostyournetworks

Talent Boost trainee positions for spring–summer 2023 for Jamk international degree programmes, apply now! 

Please note that these positions are for students with a foreign background. International students face a challenging job market environment and a harder path towards career development, so we kindly ask our dear Finnish students not to apply this time. Thank you for understanding!   

Job title: Talent Boost trainee, 1-2 per School, international students and graduates, from both Bachelor and Master´s level

Unit: allJamk Schools  

Duration: appr. January – June, part-time (20-30 %)  

Salary: depends on the working hours per month, to be defined later  

Location: Jamk main campus and Lutakko campus  

Reporting to: Heads of degree programmes  

Job mode: physically present at the office, sometimes possible to work in hybrid mode  

Job description:  

We are looking for enthusiastic people with fresh ideas. You should have the ability to work in a team and communicate effectively with students and representatives of organizations and companies in Central Finland.  We also expect our candidates to have sufficient marketing and organizational skills, and eagerness to learn the Finnish language. One of the main tasks will be planning and implementing campus events for students.   

On the job you will be working in close cooperation with the staff from the Schools of Business, Technology and Health and Social Studies. Your main location will be on the Main campus or Lutakko campus. The trainees are allowed to work remotely if the circumstances enable to do so.   

You’ll be working closely with other Talent Boost trainees as a group and in pairs. Together you are expected to complete various marketing, organizational and communications tasks and collaborate with the Talent Boost project. You will get support from the Talent Boost staff.  

The tasks include:   

  • Digital marketing: work with social media and digital content creation, video filming    
  • Communication with the students – meeting the students, marketing to the students  
  • Event planning, preparation, and organization  
  • Communication with local companies and organizations   
  • Other tasks that the management might see necessary to assign   

What we offer:   

  • Part-time internship in a dynamic and international atmosphere   
  • Office workspace   
  • Opportunity to combine internship with studies – flexible hours and months  
  • Possibility of expanding the network, possibility to strengthen and practice your knowledge obtained during studies.   
  • Practical training or Future Factory project ECTS   

What Jamk is looking for in a candidate:   

  • Fluent English skills C1 and upper   
  • Finnish skills at least solid A1 and upper, or at least Finnish 1 completed.   
  • Good teamwork skills, self-orientation, and the ability to ask for help and the second opinion  
  • Strong interpersonal, cultural, and organizational skills   
  • Flexible, social, adaptable, and reliable person  
  • Sufficient marketing skills, good knowledge of social media marketing, video and photo content creation skills   
  • Fluency in using Jamk IT systems (Microsoft Office, Moodle, Elmo, printing)   
  • Event management skills   
  • Presentation and public speaking skills   
  • Communication skills with unfamiliar people 

The application period is only until the 24th of November 2023. The eligible candidates will be invited via Outlook e-mail to the interview and the others will be notified of the decision as well.  If facing any problems with the application form, contact: TalentBoostJAMK@jamk.fi  

Application Link  https://link.webropol.com/s/talentboostrecruitment

Boost Your Finnish Experience: Finnish language workshops on Dynamo and Rajakatu campuses:  

Jamk Talent Boost is happy to announce that our Finnish language workshops will continue in autumn. The workshops offer free consultation on how to make your CV and other job-seeking documents in Finnish, plus, you can practice your Finnish language tasks with the teacher. You can boost your speaking skills to ensure good results e.g. in job interviews!  

The workshops will take place every 2 weeks in Dynamo and every 2 weeks in Rajakatu campuses.  

Rajakatu campus location and schedule:  

Time: 9am-11am 

Location: Monimuototila R35BP05.1  

Dates: 24.11.2022 / 8.12.2022   

Lutakko (Dynamo) location and schedule:  

Time: 9am-11am 

Location: D125 Waneri 

Dates: 17.11.2022 / 1.12.2022  

Finnish language support for practical training: 

From October onwards Jamk Language Centre offers support for international students who do their practical training in Finland. A dedicated Finnish teacher will help you and the company solve such questions as  

  • how to learn Finnish efficiently at work?  
  • how to improve your Finnish skills?  
  • how to interact and communicate in Finnish at workplaces?  
  • what are the cultural aspects of Finnish work life?  

The registration is still open: https://link.webropol.com/s/talentboostpt 

Jamk Talent Boost Zoom Pop-ups continue! 10.30-11.00, every Friday:  

Every Friday (except holidays) Talent Boost has a counselling session for the students who have questions about career, integration, need help with job applications or need to have CV, LinkedIn or Letter of motivation professionally checked.  

Zoom link is reoccurring : https://jamk.zoom.us/j/69613319774  


Crazy Town Campus Survey:

Have you heard of the Crazy Town Campus? Crazy Town in collaboration with Jamk Talent Boost wants to enable students and companies to cooperate, meet each other, and be in contact. The goal is to show students the possibility and variety of possible companies, projects, and internships, and for the companies – to get a chance to cooperate with capable and talented students who are open to work.

The organizations and companies, who are already members of the Crazy Town will be providing a range of tasks, projects, and possible jobs that might interest students and are applicable to the student´s study fields. Crazy Town campus will be actively supporting and promoting ideas of entrepreneurship, training, and matchmaking of skilled students to the companies. Some companies will have minor tasks and projects that students can do individually or in groups.

Note, the program is still in the development process and has not been implemented yet, so we need you to spend 2-3 minutes answering the survey, so the program could be adjusted to your best interests: https://link.webropol.com/s/crazytowncampus

The Puro service will be discontinued on November 15, 2022:

Through the Puro service, students have been able to transfer their credits from Campus Online to their home university for credit. The Puro service will be deactivated as follows: 

  • 15.11. from students – student, remember to transfer your performance data to Jamk before that day! 

After 15.11.2022, we will act like this. Instruction for the Students: 

  • Complete the cross-study plan and have it approved by the teacher tutor, and after completing the studies, submit the transcripts (Finnish/English) to record the performance data in Peppi  
  • The degree student submits the approved cross-study plan and transcript to student services, instructions and the cross- study plan form 
  • The open path student submits an approved cross-study plan and transcript to the education coordinator  
  • Students of the vocational teacher training college will be sent a separate notice about the changed operating method by e-mail 
  • If the student does not have an approved cross-study plan 
  • Credit credits for studies are applied for in accordance with Jamk’s credit credit guidelines 

For more information, please contact studentservices@jamk.fi

Finnish Language Courses available for everyone:  

See the link below, and discover the Finnish language courses, physical or online that are available for everyone, information about the fees and registrations is available: https://sway.office.com/b6ub5Tj0E1zsIp1A?ref=Link  

International Jyväskylä – Info Center:   

It is a multilingual service point, where you can get information, guidance and counseling in 16 different languages.  They can be your first point of contact, if you have any questions related to e.g., living or finding accommodation, working, studying, residence permits, social services, health care, leisure time activities or any other topic related to settling down here in Jyväskylä. International Jyväskylä – Info Center is a joint initiative of City of Jyväskylä and Ministry of Economic affairs and Employment. It provides services to everyone living in the Central Finland region, irrespective of the person’s background or reason for coming to Finland.   

Follow Info Center on Facebook and Instagram: @internationaljyvaskyla  

Link to the website: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/en/projects/international-jyvaskyla-info-center  

Expertise Centre for Immigrants Jyväskylä:  

This organization promotes employment of foreign residents in Finland and the recognition of the skills of international talent. The Expertise Centre for Immigrants supports foreign-language customers to improve their Finnish in Finnish language trainings, get to know more about the basic job seeking and support them to find their own expertise to promote employment through individual guidance and counselling. They help you to find a job, a place to study or start your own business. You can become a client for this organization if:  

  • You are an unemployed job seeker.  
  • You are under threat of unemployment, for example graduating in 6 months  

Check out their website, recent newsletter, and the activity calendar below to be updated with useful information!  

Website: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/en/employment-service/expertise-centre-for-immigrants 

New Newsletter: https://sway.office.com/pl2vtkjjL9ZvVarI?ref=email

Check out the activities of Gloria Multicultural Center:  

​The multicultural center presents interesting activities for the immigrants, like youth working groups, events and Finnish language workshops, check out their social media: https://www.facebook.com/monikulttuurikeskus.gloria 

Also, every Thursday from 14.00 to 16.00 in Gloria, International students and immigrants can receive free consultations – questions about living, integration and social services, you can receive a professional advice. There is no need to register.

JCI Upcoming event 23.11.2022 at 8:30 am in Yritystehdas premises in Kangas:

 Junior Chamber International Jyväskylä welcomes you to International Talent Workshop 2 with the theme of International Entrepreneurship.

This workshop is a part of the International Talent event series proposed by JCI Jyväskylä. During the project 4 interactive workshops are held in order to make international talents to meet multicultural companies or bring more professional opportunities for international talents in Central-Finland area.

This second workshop aims to illustrate the opportunities and services for international talent wanting to be or who are already entrepreneurs. We will hear success stories, and also some details how to become entrepreneur here Central-Finland. Workshop is organized in interactive manner and also at the end mini trade fair is organized to enable react with local possible partners.

You can find the registration form in the following address: https://forms.office.com/r/10AvYqmBck

Please follow the LinkedIn page for details and also for the following workshops: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/international-talent-project/

Possibility to learn Finnish language:   

Savonia UAS Open University curricula is also offering plenty of Finnish courses. Courses are free of charge. You can complete the courses online. Oral courses include obligatory Zoom meetings daytime. It is possible to combine working, family life and studying independently. In case agreed with the employment office you can also study while being unemployed. Finnish studies are usually considered as part-time studies. 

More information: https://www.savonia.fi/en/study-with-us/other-studies/for-immigrants/services-for-immigrants/#finnish-language 

Fill the survey: Talent Hub in Jyväskylä

This survey is conducted on behalf of the Talent Hub Jyväskylä project as a part of the course “Project Work: Applying Concepts to Working Life” at the University of Jyväskylä. Please,​ spend two minutes to complete the survey and contribute towards improvement of services for internationals in Jyväskylä: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/ED0B9FBF470C5C5E

Possible Available Internships or Jobs in Central Finland and other regions:  ​  

  • Open trainee application for Monetra Central Finland- Monetra Oy – Jyväskylä , Central Finland: We are happy to take on-the-job learners and thesis workers. If you are completing education leading to a degree and are interested in financial and payroll administration positions, inquire about the position by submitting an open application through this announcement.The degree level can be a professional basic degree, professional degree, university of applied sciences or university-level degree. We constantly work with several apprentices, whose guidance we invest in – many of the apprentices have also been employed by us. We will contact you if we have a suitable training period to offer you. More information http://www.monetra.fi . Apply Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/avoin-harjoittelijahakemus-monetra-keski-suomeen-sksun-14249373  
  • Sales support intern at BOSCH- Vantaa: In this position, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience for your career and get to know the sales and marketing activities of an international company. Our office is located in Vantaa Aviapolis in new and comfortable premises. We pay the internship salary according to TES for the internship. We hope you will start your internship no later than January 9, 2023 and work for us until June 30, 2023, continuing your internship over the summer is also possible. The internship is full-time and the working hours are generally between 8 am and 4 pm. However, we are ready to be flexible if needed, for example for your studies. If you have any questions about the task or about working for us, Key Account Manager Oona Altug will be happy to answer them, tel. 010 4808330 . The best time to reach him is 3-4 November. and 16.-17.11. Send us your application with your CV no later than 27 November 2022. Apply Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/myynnin-tuen-harjoittelija-scsom-15784023 
  • I’m currently recruiting Finnish, German and English speakers for an interesting Finnish start-up company. These positions are fully remote from anywhere in Finland, although you can also work from their offcie in Helsinki. I am recruiting for people for the following roles: – Wholesale sales manager (Finnish OR English) – Sales Representative (German) Candidates are expected to have both sales and marketing experience, but *even junior profiles will be considered. Please send me your English CV via email to jenny-liisa@nordicjobsworldwide.com or reach out to me here in WhatsApp, if you’re interested and we can arrange a phone call to discuss the position and details further. Note: You have to live in Finland and have a working permit/ eu passport to apply for this position.  

  • Intern, Junior Project Manager – Brainnest, Helsinki (Remote): https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/collections/recommended/?currentJobId=3338518528  
  • Software Developer Trainee – RekryKoulutus, Gofore Oyj Jyväskylä: We are now looking for reinforcements to our Jyväskylä office. Our teams can accommodate a wide variety of skills, and of course we value the experience gained along the way, for example in the software, electrical or mechanical fields, for example in the form of work experience or studies, but the most important thing is the desire and motivation to learn new things about programming. It is also a plus if you already have knowledge of, for example, Java or the C# programming language. You get to jump into interesting projects, and you will certainly learn a lot of new things in the field.
    Job starts after RekryKoulutus. Working time full-time and job duration over 12 months. Application ends 07.11.2022. Contact for details: Niina Heikkinen, 044 025 5628 (calls on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.), niina.heikkinen@saranen.fi . Apply Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/software-developer-trainee-rekrykoulutus-stse-15794632
  • Project Management Trainee, Airbus Defence & Space – Helsinki and Jyväskylä: You are preferably aiming for a technical or science degree. Knowledge of Jira, Confluence, Atlassian plug-ins, MS project and Unified planning are considered beneficial. A fluent English language skill is a prerequisite and other languages are seen as an advantage. We expect you to have a capability to produce short guidelines and training which requires an independent way of working and an ability to efficiently process given information. The employment will start preferably in December 2022 and continue until the end of 2023. The position is full-time during summer 2023 and part-time (at least 3 days a week) during other times. Please apply by sending your CV and cover letter via the link below by November 9th 2022. Please note that we will start reviewing and interviewing candidates already during the application period. Application Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/project-management-trainee-sdsuu-15714433
  • Junior System Specialist / Harjoittelu, TNNet Oy – Jyväskylä: Apply if you have these: Prepare IP networks, programming or DevOps skills, For example, Firewalls, VLAN spaces, Unix and Windows server environments, Kubernetes, Ansible, IT hobby, Home server projects, Programming hobby, Industry-related studies. For example, at least 120 credits in field studies (AMK / University). Submit your application and CV via the “Apply for a job” button, which may be followed by an interview. Please send your application as soon as possible, because we will choose our new system expert as soon as we find the right person! Any additional questions about future tasks, the team or TNNet as an employer can be sent by email to jari.lehtonen@tnnet.fi or by phone +358408465274. Application Link:  https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/tnnet-junior-system-specialist-harjoittelu-sdsuu-15775958
  • Open internship application, for stores in Eastern Finland: We offer internship opportunities in sales and customer service positions in Alko stores in various parts of Finland. We primarily expect from our interns a customer service spirit, a desire to learn new things and a genuine interest in working in the store. The starting point for organizing an internship is that: the applicant is currently a student, the internship period is a mandatory part of degree-oriented studies, the trainee is of legal age at the start of the internship and the intern is proficient in the Finnish language. The duration of the internship is usually 8-12 weeks, and its timing is usually determined by the management resource situation in Alko’s stores and the study plans. Internship periods in the stores are unpaid, however, at Alko we offer interns a daily meal allowance. It is a good idea to submit your internship application well in advance of the desired internship period, but no later than one month before the starting date. For more information on internship-related matters, please contact service coordinator Elsa Kytömaa, elsa.kytomaa@alko.fi . Application Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/avoimet-tyoharjoitteluhakemukset-ita-suomen-alueen-myymaloihin-saslk-14338052  
  • Student interns for the insurance industry, LähiTapiola – Jyväskylä: We are looking for AMK students for a 6-month internship at LähiTapiola Central Finland’s head office in Jyväskylä. Training starts according to the agreement. We expect from you: Excellent customer service and teamwork skills, Good communication skills and fluent oral and written expression in Finnish, Active and enthusiastic life safety attitude, Self-initiative and the ability to work at a fast pace, Want to work every day in accordance with our values. Our values ​​are benevolence, passion and courage. For more information about the position, please contact personnel manager Riitta Ärling, tel. 040 578 7154. Application Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/opiskelijaharjoittelijoita-vakuutusalalle-slsah-15707596
  • Mobile developer – Trainee, Tietoevry – Jyväskylä:  We are looking for passionate people who are excited to learn more about mobile development with latest methods and technologies, such as Android, iOS and React Native . We appreciate previous experience in programming or mobile development for example through your personal interests or hobbies and completed courses. If possible, please include your Github page in the application. Fluency in Finnish and English is a must, and as a person you are independent, communicative and have a hands-on attitude to get things done. You enjoy working as a part of team with a proactive attitude to share and receive feedback. And finally, you thrive in a role where you can contribute to your team and our business’ success. You may apply to Tietoevry by selecting Apply and fill your application details to the form. You may also Apply by using LinkedIn and populate details to your application from your LinkedIn profile. Send your application at the latest on 30.11.2022. Application Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/mobile-developer-trainee-stsie-15777498
  • Customer Support -intern, Liveto – Jyväskylä: We are looking for a new Customer Support intern to join our team, who offers the best possible customer service to event organizers and acts as marketing support according to their skills and interests. In the internship, you have a great opportunity to learn about startup business and the events industry. During the internship, your duties primarily include Liveto’s customer service via e-mail, phone and chat. You also provide support in financial management tasks and are the right hand for the Lead Customer Success Manager. Social media, videos, blogging and other content production are a strong part of the Liveto brand, so you have the opportunity to get involved in this as well. We expect a positive customer service attitude, systematicity and problem-solving ability from the intern. You take on challenges, you can work independently and you have good IT skills. No worries, we will teach you and adjust your training according to your own skills. We hope you are a third-year student or nearing the end of your studies. We appreciate if you already have experience in customer service work, but the main thing is that you are hungry to learn more. The internship is unpaid and its recommended duration is 3-6 months. We are looking for an intern for fall 2022. For more information or questions please contact us at julia.makela@liveto.io or phone number 0442414695. Application Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/customer-support-harjoittelija-stshe-13908983  
  • AFRY Future Stars trainee for the automation design department, Jyväskylä , Kouvola , Vantaa: We are now looking for Stara for the Automation Design department! You will work in versatile and global industrial investment projects in automation and instrumentation design, where you will be able to develop your professional skills. In extensive design projects, you are part of the automation design team. Qualifications Who are we looking for? You are a technical college student in the final phase of your studies (3rd-5th year course). In an ideal situation, you have one year of studies left when the program starts. You are a suitable candidate for the position if you have: experience in automation technology and English language skills. For more information about the position, please contact Jussi-Mikko Paju, tel. 0103327296 or jussi-mikko.paju@afry.com . Application Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/afry-future-stars-harjoittelija-automaatiosuunnittelun-osastolle-sasfr-15818024
  • HR-Harjoittelija, Total- Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy – Jyväskylä: Total-Henkilöstöpalvelut is looking for a HR CONSULTANT TRAINEE for the Jyväskylä office. rom the intern, we wanted a genuine interest in the HR field and a self-directed working attitude. It would be good for you to have already attended studies related to the HR field, so that you can deepen your skills in all areas of personnel management. The personality traits of the intern we are looking for would be described by the words lively, open and social team player. We also expect the applicant to have a self-initiated approach to work. The time of the internship can already be in the middle of this year or next spring. Your working hours are conveniently placed on weekdays between 8 and 16. The internship is unpaid. We hope that you could complete a longer training period of 5-6 months with us. We understand if you still have some courses to take, but you can fit them in with your internship. At the end of the training period, you may have the opportunity to be employed by Total-Henkilöstöpalveluvi. If you are interested, you can submit an application either on our website or to the address: jani@totalhenkilostopalvelut.fi . For more information, please ask Jani on 040 127 2265 .Application Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/hr-harjoittelija-sdsuu-15745020
  • Automation designer (Valmet DNA), Jyväskylä: We are looking for good guys and great team players who have a good attitude, work motivation, and the desire to develop. If you have a suitable technical education in the field (DI/YAMK/AMK) or similar knowledge and skills acquired through practical work and you are ready to join our skilled team, take up the challenge! We value several years of work experience gained in the paper industry, as well as experience in Valmet DNA application design in an MCS/DCS environment. Mastering different planning tools, managing field automation, language skills, willingness to travel and general technical know-how are also considered an advantage. Send your application as soon as possible, but no later than 13 November 2022. We start processing applications even before the application period ends. Attach your CV and salary request. More information about the position:  Group manager Janne Heimonen, tel. 050 463 0799, janne.heimonen@elomatic.com  . Application Link: https://duunitori.fi/tyopaikat/tyo/elomatic-automaatiosuunnittelija-valmet-dna-sdsuu-15758873

      Thank you for your input on the future of Jamk’s International Students and thanks for reading!   


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