Jamk Talent Boost Newsletter 3/2023

Dear international student or graduate, greetings from Jamk Talent Boost!     

Talent Boost is a project aimed at improving the opportunities for Jamk’s international students in finding internships or employment in Central Finland. We hope to improve International Students’ awareness about the job market and provide extensive information on recruitment, improve Finnish language course availability, and strengthen collaboration with businesses and organizations in Central Finland to raise the number of Jamk graduates employed in the Central Region.    

Jamk Talent Boost Entrepreneurship Event: Boost your Business! 13.04.2023, 13.00-16.00 (at Crazy Town)  

Get ready to learn about entrepreneurship in Finland! During the event we will be networking, doing small fun exercises, listening to the inspiring and educational presentations. Have you ever thought about opening a business in Finland? Would you like to hear about your opportunities, help available to the starting entrepreneurs and start-up facts in Finland? Come to the event and find out. We will also provide small snacks. The event is held in Alatori of Crazy Town (Kauppakatu 39). 

Fill in the Webropol application to get the Outlook Calendar Invitation: https://link.webropol.com/ep/boostyourbusiness  

Jamk Talent Boost and Realize Project: Bus trip to the companies and organizations in Äänekoski 17.04.2023, 8.00-18.30, bus leaving from Rajakatu.  

“First come – first served” rule, apply to the registration below. The Äänekoski career trip, takes place on 17 April, from 8.00 to 18.30. This registration is binding. The trip is free of charge, except for the food expenses. 

During the trip, we will visit companies related to e.g. bio production, logistics, transportation and the metal industry. Information about the city of Äänekoski and the region as a place to live and work will be also provided. 

Fill in the Webropol application to get the confirmation email, THE REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY TO ATTEND THE TRIP: https://link.webropol.com/ep/bustrip 

If you must cancel your participation, please inform us as soon as possible: talentboostjamk@jamk.fi 

Jamk Talent Boost Visiting Nordcloud Office 19.04.2023, 15.30 – 17.30. For ICT students.  

Nordcloud  is an ICT company in cloud implementation, application development, managed services and training. They are more than 1,600 employees over the world. The company has an office in Jyväskylä on Vapaudenkatu 60. 

Jamk Talent Boost is inviting the students to visit the office of this company, network with the staff, listen to the panel discussion of other organizations in ICT industry, and meet the representatives of other ICT companies. Expand your network and learn about the job market for the ICT specialists in Jyväskylä! 
Please note, that you must be on the event on time, the doors will be opened from 15.20, and will be closed once the panel discussion starts at 15.45. Jamk Talent Boost representatives will be welcoming and directing you near the door. 

Please register for this event to get the calendar invitation and the location: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/EP/5A1839AD9DC7517D  

Join the Talent Boost WhatsApp Group, to get job updates right away!  

We have created a WhatsApp group as a Talent Boost. It is free for everyone to join. In the group we will be sharing job links and updates, integration and events information. Plus, it is an opportunity for you to ask us questions, ask for help and build the dialogue!  

Join the group via link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KCGpZJUrLMa1u5oQYSPNQq  

Finnish language support for practical training   

Jamk Language Centre offers Finnish language support for international students who do their practical training in Finland. From October onwards, Jamk Language Centre provides support for international students who do their practical training in Finland.  

Talent Boost is handing out vouchers you can take to a company when you apply for practical training. The voucher will guarantee the help and support of a Finnish teacher for both you and the company. With the voucher, you will receive individual support for your language learning needs at the training place.  

A dedicated Finnish teacher will help you and the work community find common means to make your language learning fluent and efficient. You can also get support to finding out cultural aspects of Finnish work life and how to interact and communicate at Finnish workplaces.   

The registration is still open: https://link.webropol.com/s/talentboostpt   

If you have your practical training in 2023 or are looking for one and need the support, fill in the application.   

Boost Your Finnish Experience: Finnish language workshops on Dynamo and Rajakatu campuses    

The workshops offer free consultations on how to make your CV and other job-seeking documents in Finnish. Plus, you can practice your Finnish language tasks with the teacher. You can get language advice and boost your speaking skills to ensure good results, e.g., in job interviews!  You can also ask about Finnish studies and ask the teacher to help you review the information that is provided only in Finnish.  

The workshops will take place every 2 weeks in Dynamo and every 2 weeks in Rajakatu campuses. Plus, every week on Thursdays, it is available online from 10.00 to 12.00!  

alent Boost: Finnish language support workshops 

Rajakatu campus location and schedule:   

Time: Thursdays 10 – 12 

Location: D-lounge 

Dates: 16.3.2023 / 30.3.2023 / 13.4.2023 / 27.4.2023 / 11.5.2023 

Lutakko (Dynamo) location and schedule:   

Time: Thursdays 10 – 12  

Location: Dynamo Auditorium Lobby 

Dates: 9.3.2023 / 23.3.2023 / 6.4.2023 / 20.4.2023 / 4.5.2023 

Zoom sessions on the same dates from 10 – 12: https://jamk.zoom.us/j/68119790176 

Jamk Talent Boost Zoom Pop-ups continue! 10.30-11.00, every Friday    

Every Friday (except holidays), Talent Boost has a counseling session for the students who have questions about careers, and Integration, need help with job applications or need to have their CV, LinkedIn, or Letter of motivation professionally checked.  Now is a good time to use this Talent Boost service! We can help you search for applicable summer jobs and help you with the applications!  

Zoom link is reoccurring: https://jamk.zoom.us/j/69613319774    

CV Clinic (recurring event) by Jamk Talent Boosters. Come meet us and get your CV training  

The CV clinic is here to help students with CV and motivational letter preparation. This will be a continuous series of events. There will be one-to-one speed counseling sessions for CV and motivational letters every week. The clinic is also arranging one special ‘Lecture Day’ event; students can listen to speakers and ask questions regarding professional life, CV, and career during this event.  

· 10 March 2023, at 14:30-16:30 at C113, Rajakatu Campus- CV Clinic  

· 20 March 2023, at 14-16 at C113, Rajakatu Campus- Lecture Day + CV Clinic  

· 29 March 2023, at 14-16 at C113, Rajakatu Campus- CV Clinic  

· 5 April 2023, at 14-16 at C113, Rajakatu Campus- CV Clinic  

· 12 April 2023, at 14-16 at C113, Rajakatu Campus- CV Clinic 

· 26 April 2023, at 14-16 at C113, Rajakatu Campus- CV Clinic 

Talent Boost will have a CV clinic at Relaamo (Lutakko) on the 30th of March at 13:30.

You can come with your CV and motivational letter to get suggestions for improvement. You can also come to the clinic and ask your questions.  

Jamk Talent Boost Podcast: Finnish Language learning: Daniil’s story.  

Jamk Talent Boost has a new feature – podcasts! Listen to inspiring stories, get new knowledge and new information in an entertaining way! The first story is dedicated to Jamk IB student – Daniil, who has achieved remarkable level of Finnish language knowledge in a short period of time: Finnish Language learning: Daniil’s story   

‘Alumni Meets Student’ for Purchasing and Logistics Students and Graduates:  

Talent Boost and Purchasing and Logistics Degree Program are collaborating in arranging the ‘Alumni meets the students’ event. It will be a casual networking event for the  students who will get a chance to meet the alumni, chat with them and indulge in fun activities. Small snacks and coffee will also be arranged.  

· When: 23 March 2023  

· Where: Kasvosali, Room C119, Rajakatu Campus  

· Time: 16:00 – 18.30  

· Who can join: Any existing and graduate students from Internationa Logistics   

· How to join: Please register through the link: https://link.webropol.com/ep/alumnimeetsstudent

International Jyväskylä Services- City of Jyväskylä  

The services of the City of Jyväskylä provides its services to residents in various ways and forms. It gives these services through four service points, i.e., International Jyväskylä – Info Center, Expertise Centre for Immigrants, Local Government pilots on Employment, and Services for refugees.   

Know more about their activities and services: https://sway.office.com/lu8xbw2eFTSGdDni?ref=Link   

  • International Jyväskylä – Info Center     

This is one of the services offered by the International Jyväskylä Services- City of Jyväskylä. International Jyväskylä – Info Center is a multilingual service point where you can get information, guidance, and counseling in 16 different languages. They can be your first point of contact if you have any questions regarding living or finding accommodation, working, studying, residence permits, social services, health care, leisure time activities, or any other topic related to settling down here in Jyväskylä. International Jyväskylä – Info Center is a joint initiative of the City of Jyväskylä and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. It provides services to everyone living in the Central Finland region, irrespective of the person’s background or reason for coming to Finland.  

Follow Info Center on Facebook and Instagram: @internationaljyvaskyla    

Link to the website: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/en/projects/international-jyvaskyla-info-center    

  • Expertise Centre for Immigrants Jyväskylä    

This is another international service that the city provides. This organization promotes the employment of foreign residents in Finland and the recognition of the skills of international talent. The Expertise Centre for Immigrants supports foreign-language customers to improve their Finnish in Finnish language trainings, get to know more about basic job seeking, and support them to find their own expertise to promote employment through individual guidance and counseling. They help you find a job, study place, or start your own business. You can become a client of this organization if:    

  • You are an unemployed job seeker.    
  • You are under threat of unemployment, for example graduating in 6 months    

Check out their website, recent newsletter, and the activity calendar below to be updated with useful information!    

Website: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/en/employment-service/expertise-centre-for-immigrants    

New Newsletter: 1/2023 Good News from the Expertise Centre for Immigrants  

Check out the activities of Gloria Multicultural Center    

The multicultural center presents interesting activities for immigrants, like youth working groups, events, and Finnish language workshops. Check out their social media: https://www.facebook.com/monikulttuurikeskus.gloria   

Walk-in time in Gloria for International Students!   

Every Thursday from 14.00 to 16.00 Jamk international students can visit Gloria Multicultural Centre (Matarankatu 6 A) and have a discussion with the professional specialist about living in Jyväskylä, social services, help with finding language courses, integration activities and etc. This activity is free and does not require any registration. You can come any time between this timeframe, sit down in the comfortable atmosphere and discuss your questions.   

 Check out the Yle Kielikoulu service for Learning Finnish Language  

Yle Kielikoulu is a service enabling you to study Finnish or Swedish by watching Yle’s media content in an application or a browser. The language school is aimed at immigrants and other Finnish and Swedish language learners. You can download the app from Google Play Store (for android) and App Store (for apple).   

Website: https://yle.fi/aihe/kielikoulu-sprakskolan#english   

New Finnish courses for Immigrants: Finnish for working life and getting to know Finland, steps to work. The course is held in Finnish for B1.1 level by Jyvälä.  

Attention, the information about this course is in the attachment and it is in Finnish, since the course requires the understanding of the language on the B1 level.  

Register for the ‘Finland Works’ course to understand Finnish Working Life  

This course has been designed as a starting point to understand Finnish working life and build your career in Finland. The course has been authored by recruitment and career specialists and complemented with stories and experiences from Aalto University international alumni. Finland Works offers you a curated collection of insights on working in Finland in an easily accessible course format, which you can complete at your own time and pace. The course details are as follows:  

  • Subject: Career Design  
  • Level: Introductory  
  • Prerequisites: None  
  • Language: English  
  • Course Fee: Free  
  • Course code: MNGT-C1005  

Registration link:  https://futureofwork.fi/register/   

More information: https://futureofwork.fi/courses/finland-works/   

Join the Finland Works- online recruitment event  

Finland Works -online recruitment event is coming again! The event is held in English and organized by the EURES employment network.   

This event offers advice and unites jobseekers and Finnish employers. You will find many job opportunities in Finland across many fields of expertise: metal, industry, construction, ICT, hospitality, healthcare, seasonal jobs, etc. You will also receive useful information on living and working in Finland, social security, and dealing with other matters such as taxes.  

Date: March 15, 2023, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm (CET)  

For details and registration: https://europeanjobdays.eu/en/event/finland-works-2023   

JYU-Coalition of African Networks presents the event: Africa Day; 25.5.2023, from 10.00-17.00 in Boombox, Musica 

The purpose of the event is to connect the African community in Jyväskylä, network, share ideas and celebrate the culture together. Save the date and more information will be coming soon!  

Yle-Areena Special Election Broadcasts on Different Languages!  

At the time of the parliamentary elections, Yle offers a wide coverage of accessible election content on television and in Yle Areena. 

For the first time in the history of election broadcasts, Yle produces election debates in four different languages in addition to the domestic languages. The selected languages are Arabic, English, Somali and Russian. More on the subject: https://yle.fi/aihe/a/20-10004364   

Innoituksia Event: Innovation for International Students!

In May 2023 be ready to attend the events about innovation in Finland. The event is held by Finland Talent Boost and ELY-Centre. More Information in the attached document.

Job-Searching Platforms you can try!!  

Here are some useful links:  

Työpaikat opiskelijoille / Student jobs – Jyväskylä: https://www.facebook.com/tyopaikat.opiskelijoille.jyvaskyla   

Oikotie: https://tyopaikat.oikotie.fi/tyopaikat/kesatyo/jyvaskyla?hakusana=keski-suomi   

Jobs in Finland: https://jobsinfinland.fi/?fbclid=IwAR3PzxK5Ekd97hYWl3oqRHuBYIV3V31jJnZndTmnRKpwSBtOkZKppILkj74   

Jobs in English at Duunitori: https://jobsfinland.fi/?fbclid=IwAR1oENCOSDmlSSesBgr2XSNb3cNco4Ru5ODngxRFGFnzOKNCY5i9H21g1m8   

  Job-Market Finland/Työmarkkinatori: https://tyomarkkinatori.fi/en/personal-customers/vacancies?ae=NOW&f=NOW&p=0&ps=30   

Glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/finland-english-jobs-SRCH_IL.0,7_IN79_KO8,15.htm   

Jobly: https://www.jobly.fi/en   

English Jobs: https://www.englishjobs.fi 

Internships or Jobs in Central Finland and other regions  

Stafix Marketing Coordinator & Customer Service

The job is located at the Stafix Vaajakoski offices and is part-time. Monthly salary plus mutually

set performance based bonus. Tenure, salary and weekly hours can be flexibly negotiated with

the applicant. The goal is to employ the candidate after the project.

Check the attachment for more info!

Stafix Sales Position

The job is located at the Stafix Vaajakoski offices and is part-time. Monthly salary plus mutually

set performance based bonus. Tenure, salary and weekly hours can be flexibly negotiated with

the applicant. The goal is to employ the candidate after the project.  

Check the attachment!

Open Positions at Tietoevry 

Tietoevry is a 24,000 experts globally specialize in cloud, data, and software, serving thousands of enterprises and public-sector customers in more than 90 countries. In Jyväskylä branch there is many open positions in ICT industry. 

Website: https://www.tietoevry.com/en/ 

Front-end Software Developer: https://tieto.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/Tieto_Careers_External_Site/job/Czech-Republic/Front-end-Software-Developer_R109286 

DevOps Engineer – Tietoevry Transform 


Summer trainee positions at Posti 

Posti is a delivery services for letter, magazine and parcel products, online shopping services, comprehensive supply chain solutions, such as storage and internal logistics, as well as a wide range of transport services for companies and communities 

Website: https://www.posti.com/ 

Summer employee for terminal work, Jyväskylä: https://posti.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/fi-FI/external/details/Terminaalityntekijit-kestihin–Jyvskyl_R3524?q=jyv%C3%A4skyl%C3%A4 

Other positionshttps://posti.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/fi-FI/external?q=jyv%C3%A4skyl%C3%A4 

Summer Intern – Operations Data Analyst at GE HealthCare  

GE HealthCare is a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator. As an Intern, you will participate in Operations´ projects to analyze performance data to optimize the best possible customer value flow in our processes.  

Application Link: https://jobs.gecareers.com/healthcare/global/en/job/GE11GLOBALR3696464EXTERNALENGLOBAL/Summer-Intern-Operations-Data-Analyst?utm_source=linkedin&codes=linkedin&utm_medium=phenom-feeds 

Ranger(m/f/d) at TIER Mobility, Jyväskylä   

TIER Mobility is Europe’s leading shared micro-mobility provider, with a mission to Change Mobility for Good. By providing people with a range of shared, light electric vehicles, from e-scooters to e-bikes and e-mopeds, powered by a proprietary Energy Network, TIER helps cities reduce their dependence on cars. Founded in 2018 by Lawrence Leuschner, Matthias Laug and Julian Blessin. 

Application Link: https://boards.greenhouse.io/tiermobility/jobs/4805940004?gh_src=8feaa2cf4us 

Customer Relations Coordinator at Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team Oy, Jyväskylä 

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team (TGR-WRT) is a unique high-performance development and competition-oriented company based in Jyväskylä, Finland. 

Link Applicationhttps://www.jobly.fi/tyopaikka/customer-relations-coordinator-1579028?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=Facebook_Mobile_Feed&utm_campaign=20230227+-+Customer+Relations+Coordinator+-+Toyota+Gazoo+Racing+World+Rally+Team+Oy+-+1579028&utm_content=20230227+-+Customer+Relations+Coordinator+-+Toyota+Gazoo+Racing+World+Rally+Team+Oy+-+1579028 

Senior Product Safety Specialist at Etteplan  

Etteplan is a developing global engineering house of more than 4,000 experts that wants to change the world with design. They are seeking Product Safety Specialist to strengthen the product verification services in Jyväskylä. You can be already an experienced Product Safety Specialist or an engineer with suitable background from electrics/electronics. Since Product Safety Specialists are not trained in universities, this is a great opportunity to specialize in a new area of expertise which have growing demands on mark. 

Application Link: https://candidate.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?cid=1522&ProjectId=149881&DepartmentId=18973&MediaId=5 

Intern, Customer Service and Logistics at Eaton  

The Eaton Summer Trainee campaign has kicked off, and we are again hiring new colleagues for Summer 2023! We offer you an attractive position with a proper induction to your assignments in an inclusive and diverse organization in Espoo. This role is an approximately 3-4 months’ fixed-term internship (employment’s length agreed upon separately with the candidate) with a possible option to continue to work thesis assignment.  

Application Link: https://jobs.eaton.com/jobs/137159?src=JB-11121   

R&D Electronics Engineer, Stresstech Oy, Jyväskylä 

Stresstech Oy is looking for R&D Electronics Engineer in their location at Jyväskylä to start as soon a as possible, your duty mainly electronic maintenance and development of products. You design and test circuit diagrams and boards and ensure their suitability for production. They expect you have an education suitable for the task ( AMK or university) 

For more information about recruitment and the position, contact: Jari Pakarinen, 045 130  

9444, jari.pakarinen@sol.fi 

More information: www.stresstechgroup.com 

Application Link: https://ats.talentadore.com/apply/r-d-electronics-engineer-stresstech-oy-jyvaskyla/Zx33YY 

CRM Administrator at Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM), Helsinki 

Are you looking for purposeful and varied work where you can develop in a flexible working environment?  

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM) is looking for CRM Administrator to start as soon as possible and take care of their CRM system management. Office located in Pasila, Helsinki. You can work remotely anywhere in Finland, as long as you are willing to come to the office from time to time. 

More information: https://jobs.academicwork.fi/avoimet-tyopaikat/crm-administrator-salesforce-finnish-evangelical-lutheran-mission-helsinki/15090091 

Trainee as HR & Recruitment, Office Administration at Business Finland, Helsinki 

Business Finland is now looking for a full time, fixed term (9-12 months) Work in Finland Trainee with a hands-on attitude and proactive mindset. While working in Business Finland’s Work in Finland unit offers you an excellent chance to start your career and work closely with international talent attraction and promote Finland as a great place to live and work. As the Work in Finland Trainee, you’ll get to assist the unit’s activities and work together with our Talent Boost network partners in Finland and abroad. 

Link Application: https://atalent.fi/open-position/business-finland-work-in-finland-trainee-173323 

Summer jobs in Jyväskylä search via Jobly:  

Search for the summer jobs via Jobly: https://www.jobly.fi/en/jobs/jyvaskyla/summer-job  

Summer Jobs in English job searching websites:  Suomi tutuksi_mainos_2023_uusi.pdf

  • Duunitori introduces the new search page that helps you to access the jobs only in English! This page is designed specifically for non-Finnish speakers! The page contains all tools and descriptions that the job seeker can utilize while searching for the perfect job position: https://jobsfinland.fi/  
  • Business Finland has recently launched the page for English speaking job seekers in Finland. On the page you can choose the categories, see how many jobs are currently available, see the company information and check the location on the map!  https://jobsinfinland.fi/?keyword=finance 
  • If you are a resident of the Helsinki region or would like to find the work from Helsinki, this page that specifically publishes the open positions in Uusimaa region can be very helpful: https://www.jobsinhelsinki.com/  

Thank you for your input on the future of Jamk’s International Students, and thanks for reading!     


Talent Boost Team      

Further Information: TalentBoostJAMK@jamk.fi    

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