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Kurkista JAMKin opiskelijan arkeen ja juhlaan. Jamkin opiskelijat kertovat opiskelijaelämästä niin JAMKissa kuin sen ulkopuolellakin. Blogissa on näkemyksiä mm. asumisesta, ruokailusta, haalareista, opiskelukavereista sekä tietysti opiskelusta.

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Video !

Okay, here’s just some random clips I put together. Hope you enjoy it ! All of these are from Busan or while going to Busan. I visited Busan with my roommate and his friend. I have a two posts about that trip. Remember to check them out also. I will link the same video there....

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Local food - part of responsible tourism

12th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations was in Jyväskylä 9-10 June. The two days conference was about discussing and finding practical responsible solutions for challenges within tourism business in Finland and several different destinations in the world. Over 100 participants were specialists and colleagues from Finland and abroad devoted to formulate and implement responsible...

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