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Centre for education “Goljak”, Croatia

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Centre for education “Goljak” is the 10th member of the Soulbus consortium. It is a primary school that started operation in 1946./47. for students with disabilities, victims of WWII. Today we enrol students with central (cerebral palsy) and peripheral nervous systems (spina bifida) and neuromuscular diseases. Along with providing education to students we also provide support to teachers in primary schools teaching children/youth with disabilities. We aim to provide students competencies for lifelong learning by using aides and ICT, learn compensation strategies to ensure independence, peaceful resolution of conflict, positive attitudes and building self-esteem. We also train trainees, graduates of the Faculty for Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, to work with children/youth with disabilities in their preparation for independent work.

Read in more detail in their institution description by clicking the following link:  P10_CEG_Institution info