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RoboCountryside – dissemination of information project 1.10.2018 – 31.12.2020.

The target area of the project is the rural area of Central Finland.

  • We are utilizing the experimental culture – learning by doing in workshops,demonstrations ect
  • Customer oriented approach  – no ready-made solutions
  • Supporting entrepreneurship – better awareness of robotics activates to seek more information, training and coaching, as well as examine the possibilities of new technologies


  • Produce and transmit up-to-date information of robotics
  • Participate people to study and explore the possibilities of robotics – regardless of age, gender or occupation
  • Change attitudes and culture to be more receptive towards new innovations


  • Lectures, briefings, webinars and workshops, public and online presentations, videos, blogs ect.
  • By using examples and demonstrations how globalization of robotics and digital technology is changing the world.
  • Participatory workshops for organisations and entrepreneurs, decision-makers, professionals and people interested in robotics.
  • Spreading the results of the project via multiple information forums and channels.

Contact information:

Toni Pekkola (Project manager)