HyPe Team in JAMKO Snowday 13.2.2020

We could have had a bit more snow but we did have fun in the Snowday event organized by JAMKO at the main campus. HyPe team offered warm snacks and chocolate for students and discussed about different people who work in the field of student wellbeing at JAMK.

Above: Heini-Maria Pietilä (study psychologist) and Teija Palonen (study counsellor) plus some hungry students

Below: The long list of people who are eager to help – plus one bunny called Jane. Do you know them all? If not, pay a visit to the JAMK study guide.  You are not alone.

The study field student associations had a sweaty tournament in snow football. The winner was RESTO team, congratulations!

The student associations had their own stands:

Thanks for the nice conversations and relaxed atmosphere! Stay tuned for more postings from the JAMK Wellbeing Team.

Writer: Piia Hynynen, education coordinator in School of Business

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