Faculty of Health Care Jesenice

Faculty of Health Care Jesenice is also known as the 3rd partner in the Soulbus project. The college is located in Jesenice, Slovenia. It offers a bachelor and master degree in Nursing. At the moment 345 students are attending the bachelor’s level while 13 students are attending the master’s degree level. CNJ (College of Nursing Jesenice) is well known for it’s research activities in Slovenia and the EU which is why they are contributing to this project through their expertise in preparation and case analysis part of the project. Furthermore, they also have activities in development, international cooperation and educational activities  through the Centre for Life-Long Learning, Career Counselling, Tutoring and Mentoring. At the moment the CNJ holds 15 Erasmus agreements in the EU and the USA, participating in international development and research projects. It holds the ISO 9001 standard in Quality in Education. Click the picture (link) above to visit their homepage.

Read in more detail in their institution description by clicking the following link: P3_FHCJ_Institution info