Faculty for Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Croatia


Faculty for Education and Rehabilitation Sciences is a member of the University of Zagreb and 9th member of the Soulbus consortium. It trains and educates future professionals who will be contributing their knowledge and skills in working with persons with disabilities, persons with speech impediments and persons who have challenging behaviour. These professionals contribute to raising the quality of life for them. The faculty is involved in student exchanges through the Erasmus programme, bilateral agreements, CEEPUS and Erasmus Mundus. The number of exchange students is low when compared to senior partners as FERS is fully participating in Erasmus programme since 2011. However, incoming students enjoy the benefit of teacher’s full attention as lectures for foreign students are held on a one-to-one basis with assignments, literature reviews and other tasks. Since FERS is a junior partner in Erasmus, no practical placements were made as yet; however, it is expected this project will assist in establishing quality practical placement for international exchange students. FERS has been delegated to serve as the dissemination and communication’s representative for the project.

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