What is the value of our work?

We aim to help our teachers and mentors encourage you (the students) to take an active role in developing yourselves as professionals, domestically and internationally. Different countries offer students different perspectives and approaches in their field of study and allow for creativity in one’s academic and professional work by combining knowledge into something completely new to bring back home or to your place of work for the benefit of everyone around you.

To that extent we decided to talk to teachers, mentors and students and found a discrepancy in teacher and mentor multicultural competencies as well as underlying processes and infrastructure in higher education institutions as well as practical placement institutions in different countries. This, of course, directly impacts the students learning experience at university and when doing practical placement; the way teachers and mentors relate to students is key to providing a safe and encouraging learning environment to ensure best learning outcomes for future professionals.

We aim to improve competencies of teachers and mentors to help students along so they spend less effort and time and still have a great time studying and learning new skills for their profession.

This leaves more time for travelling around and hiking a mountain peak, soaking in a different culture, sightseeing historical monuments and having a taste of the local cuisine.  This also encourages students to learn how to cope and deal with cultures different from their own, a very practical skill for later in the professional career. Putting it all on a scale, it’s a win-win situation.