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DIKO – Well-being at work via digital and experimental methods

Homecare is going through major changes in organizational culture. The changes are not only a challenge for the employees but also for the management. Leadership in a more versatile and diverse field creates more and more challenges for the management.

DIKO seminar (Toni Pekkola)

The changes are setting a progressive need to introduce new technologies and innovations in homecare. This is not only changing the work contents and habits but also requires new kind of know-how. Well-being at work is also a rising question in this changing industry.

Digitalization and new technologies are a challenge but at the same time a possibility to the homecare entrepreneurs. Methods in internal and external communications are changing, patient registers are being developed, social media is a part of everyday life etc. In the future digital services are creating more value to the customers.

The goal of this project was to prepare the homecare employees and management to the digital era and to improve their well-being at work. The most important tools to achieve this were the organization’s self-driven development and experimental methods.


Text (DIKO project team)