1st pilot of Soulbus eLearning completed!


20150212_pilots are finished

The Soulbus consortium has completed the 1st pilot of the multicultural eLearning content and participants in the pilot have handed over their assessments of the subject matter. This material will be studied by the eLearnign designers at Saxion University and the results will be incorporated as changes made to the content. This content will then be made available for the 2nd pilot that will be assessed as well.

The multicultural eLearning content was presented at the 3rd kickoff meeting held at the Faculty for Education and Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Zagreb in November 2014. Partners responsible for every work package came to share information on project development and their plans for the future. The major development was the completion of the eLearning content that was designed based on the information that was supplied by every partner country and analysed by Faculty of Health Care Jesenice providing a case study repository. The repository served for training needs analysis and production of job level and individual level requirement descriptions that would provide the direction of where designers would go with the content.

The content was uploaded to the internet to a special platform with all partners being provided with information how to access the content. Partners were asked to take a look at the content and provide insight into their own perception and if the content was able to fulfill it’s purpose of providing an interesting and motivating learning environment and meeting their learning needs.

This was achieved through an online questionnaire which was made available to assessing professionals. Everyone logged on and completed a questionnaire focusing pedagogical, didactical, professional and psychological aspects that were covered in the material. Each person was required to provide their attitudes toward the content and a description of how it may be improved. The attitudes are important as it represents also a degree of enthusiasm towards training as well as abilities related to knowledge or skill acquisition. This is important as a positive attitude will support a positive approach, openness to learning as well as better understanding and knowledge retention.

The purpose of the eLearning is to train professionals in social and medical care as well as education and rehabilitation to perform well in multicultural environments; regardless of whether they are working in a multicultural team or serving a multicultural public or client. New professionals entering the field will be provided with a course in multiculturalism while seasoned professionals who have very little or no multicultural skills will be given a platform to learn more and develop their skills further to meet the needs of the changing working environment such as teaching and transferring their professional experience to students.