Development of tailored eLearning under way


The Soulbus consortium recently completed the 1st pilot of the multicultural eLearning content, the assessments were given to the development team who have been working on implementing the suggestions. When these implementations are completed, the new and improved content will be made available for the 2nd pilot. These two will help improve content, making it interesting and very informative for future students of multiculturalism.

The quality assurance team also carried out a pole asking participants to provide feedback on how they feel about how the project is progressing.

Meanwhile the project is continuing. Each partner pair, representing their own country, started on developing a country centered material and approach that will be present and cover multicultural issues and challenges that have been identified for that particular country and it’s Higher education institution as well as Working life partner in the Case study and summarised into the Case study repository. Assignments have been handed out and the team has been steadily reading through literature, assembling materials and editing it all together into a tangible and useful tool for teaching multicultural competencies and skills to future professionals working in social and medical care as well as education and rehabilitation so they may perform well facing challenges in multicultural environments.

We have also picked the minds of students who were faced with issues and challenges of taking up student exchange programmes across the European Union as well as Universities outside this region and asked them to provide some feedback on what was their experience like. Their stories will be published one by one and you will get to see what were the challenges they faced and perhaps you will rely on all they said and did to find a quicker and better solution for facing these challenges while going through our eLearning content.