Student stories on their exchange experiences


This blog is dedicated to publishing information on the Soulbus project – Building Social Capital between mentors and teachers by Improving Multicultural Competence in the fields of Education, Rehabilitation and Social & Health Care.

Although it may not seem apparent from the title of the project as it is oriented towards improving competencies of teachers and mentors, the ultimate beneficiaries of these improved skills are students. Students today are given a wide range of opportunities to visit universities in other countries and take part in their courses. This in turn provides them with new grounds to study and perspectives to consider for the benefit of their future clients. For these courses to be beneficial, students need to enjoy an environment that is conductive to their education, inclusive for every student regardless if they are a home-national of foreign and challenging at the same time to provide a stimulating learning experience. These three are the responsibility of teachers and mentors as well as their support staff at their respective institutions.

Records show that recently the number of universities and working life partners started increasing by offering places to foreign students which is having an impact on the range of choices and opportunities for study as well as getting to know and learning about different cultures, regardless how far they are. To make things clearer, this blog will feature articles to better illustrate the goal and importance of this project, with stories from students point of view while on exchange and their feelings on the whole experience.