Kahvittelijat – Cafes in Jyväskylä

VENN Jyväskylä We went to get coffee at Venn. When we stepped in to the coffee shop, the first impression was really good. Staff and other customers were laid back and it seemed like that this particular coffee shop is really popular, because it is one of the main places to get coffee in Jyväskylä. […]

DeLorean – a neon colored blast from the past

In the middle of Jyväskylä’s centre lies a unique neon colored cocktail bar. Entering DeLorean feels like jumping back in time to the eighties. The idea is fitting, as the name of the cocktail bar refers to the DeLorean Motor Company’s iconic car DMC-12, which served as the time machine for the Back to the […]

Grilli 21

We are are Saara, Kiia V, Ilona and Kiia O. , freshman students from JAMK and we are going to tell you about Grilli 21. We are going to talk about our experience, the history of Grilli 21, main things about Grilli 21 locations, prices etc. We are also going to tell you some opinions […]

Beverage products and producers at Fiskars Festival

Our visit to Slow Food event in the village of Fiskars was nice. The local producers presented their product selections and we were able to sample a variety of products and drinks. Ägräs Handicraft Drinks  The whiskey is clear in colour when it is distilled and still raw. Ägräs handicraft whiskey is worth tasting also […]

Day from a child´s perspective

We were on a trip to Fiskars. They had a Slow Food festival there. It was held in an old but renovated barn. We spent afternoon there looking around and tasting foods. We kept our eye especially on activities and eating possibilities for children. We wanted to know if families and all aged children enjoyed […]

Visitor’s experience

Saturday 5.10. we took a trip to the Fiskars Slow Food Festival. Slow Food is good, fair and clean food, produced with the idea of sustainable and quality food. The festival had 73 different producers and organizations presenting and selling their products. The event also featured speakers on different topics as well as tastings on […]

Fiskars Slow Food festival – Outdoor food market

It was a sunny, yet a cold day in Fiskars while the annual Slow Food Festival (05.10.2019 – 06.10.2019) was being held – the festival celebrated it’ s tenth anniversary, as almost 100 food and beverage producers and sellers gathered together in Puimala area in Fiskars. Small booths offered various products ranging from honey to […]

Vegetables and vegetable products by Team Carrots

We are service business students from JAMK and we are having a course called Food Culture in this semester. We got a chance to visit Fiskars Village while there was going on Slow Food Festival and of course we wanted to experience it. We saw it as an opportunity to get to know Finnish and […]

Restaurant Taikuri & diet restrictions

We decided to go create an experience in the Jyväskylä’s local, well recognized restaurant Taikuri, too see what’s the fuzz all about. We’ve all heard of it, some of us had had something to eat at the place, some of had no experience on Taikuri at all. It was a positive surprise!   When we […]

Local Restaurants and Cafes at Fiskars Slow Food Festival 2019

On a sunny October day, we arrived in Fiskars Village for the Slow Food Festival; craving for new gastronomic experience – and we didn’t get disappointed. The experience was way more than only “food”. Getting closer to Fiskars Village, the scenery turned to a spectacular panoply of nature; vibrant autumn colors complementing some cozy wooden […]