Vegetables and vegetable products by Team Carrots

We are service business students from JAMK and we are having a course called Food Culture in this semester. We got a chance to visit Fiskars Village while there was going on Slow Food Festival and of course we wanted to experience it. We saw it as an opportunity to get to know Finnish and other countries food cultures better than we do.

So, the trip began on October 5th from JAMK’s parking lot at 7.00 am. All the students were quite tired in the morning, but still excited about the trip and so were we. We had to sit in the bus about four hours, but it was worth it. When we finally got there the weather was beautiful and the leaves were colorful in the sunshine. People were talking a lot of different languages, but especially Swedish.

Then we headed straight to the vegetables booths since our topic is to write about Vegetables and vegetable products.

The vegetable season was clearly visible in Fiskars. Everywhere were the vegetables booths, which sold fresh seasonal vegetables. We noticed also the Halloween season was on, people were buying some pumpkins there.

There was a company called “Holmqvists trädgård Tenala-Tenhola” that were selling many different vegetables farmed totally without any chemical pesticides. They sell their products mainly on market square in Tenala and sell them also to the local shops there.

Slow Food Västnyland “Smaka på Västnyland” offers true taste experience, beautiful landscape and good memories. On the most important values of the company is the local food. They want to tell where the unique food ingredients are sourced. We really fell in love with them and we respect their business activity. Slow Food Västnyland has published the book “Smaka på Västnyland” , that was released in Finnish earlier this year.

Third company was selling vegetable products from “Tammisaaren Skölldargård”. There were vendors from the outside of the company selling a lot of different kind of vegetables. Vegetables were really noticeable, like kale, beetroot, salad, cauliflowers etc.

We didn’t try any vegetables because they were familiar for us but, still they all looked very fresh and tempting. Later we thought it would have been nice to buy some little cauliflowers. We noticed that Fiskars Slow Food festival was a perfect place to buy local food and meet the food producers. We recommend Fiskars Slow Food Festival for everyone.

Text and photos: Mira Lauriala, Salla Nokka, Mea Tuominen