Kahvittelijat – Cafes in Jyväskylä

VENN Jyväskylä

We went to get coffee at Venn. When we stepped in to the coffee shop, the first impression was really good. Staff and other customers were laid back and it seemed like that this particular coffee shop is really popular, because it is one of the main places to get coffee in Jyväskylä.

In addition to place being full of people spending time with their friends, there seemed to be also extremely many students studying. On top of that we noticed that the coffee shop is also suitable for working on your laptop, because we also noticed a few people working there.

Venn is suitable for people of all ages, because there is really inclusive menu. Different kinds of warm and cold drinks and snacks are also available. If you were to order coffee, you can also go get popcorn on the side, every customer can take them and spice them how they want. In the eveninge people like to spend their time at Venn all the way to the late evening.

In decoration they have used a lot of dark surfaces, probably because it gives a feeling to a place. Also because it is fall time and Venn has taken that into consideration in their decoration , for example they have put lights outside to make it more romantic. There are also candles found on every single table. Futhermore,  as a decoration there are pictures of the customers and staff on the walls of the coffee shop.

In our opiniona  Venn was really positive experience and we will surely go back there to get coffee.

Caffitella Bakery Shop

caffitella bakeryn seinälogo

Caffitella Bakery Shop is an active cafeteria and pastry shop located in Jyväskylä. Caffitella has altogether 10 locations situated in Jyväskylä. Most of the cafeterias are located within a larger food store or supermarket. Caffitella offers lunch and catering services among its normal cafeteria services. They also make freshly baked bread pastries. Location of these Caffitella Bakery Shops is very convenient since not every food store has fresh bread selection. We visited Caffitella in Savela.

Before you walk to the cafeteria you meet freshly baked bread which welcomes you with samples of the bread. These taste samples work brilliantly with impulse purchases with passing by customers. Cafeteria is clean, modern and simple looking. Nothing too much and still not a cold place. Speciality coffees aren’t top grade or as good as in the city center but it seems that their business concept of business relies more on the freshly baked goods rather than drinks.

leipomotuotteiden myyntipiste

Caffitella also has very popular lunch options varying between normal food and soup options. We have had lunch a couple of times at the Savela Caffitella and have never been disappointed with the quality of the food. You can get lunch from every location except for the bakery’s factory shop

In conclusion Caffitella cafeterias are very relaxed and simple resting places for customers in the food store. Caffitella welcomes customers with warm bread and good selection of pastries.

Wilhelmiinan konditoria

kaksi kakkua ja jääkahvi

Wilhelmiina’s patisserie in Jyväskylä is located in the center area in town at the Nikolai’s corner. The café is known for its beautiful cakes and tasty pastries but they also have for example baked potatoes, fresh and filled sandwiches and a lot of more salty snacks. There are also many different coffees and teas. Every morning the café serves a buffet. The patisserie’s sweet and salty pastries can be ordered for example for parties.

We went for a coffee and already from the outside we got vibes that this café is old fashioned and historic. All that just for the building because it is so old and beautiful. After we went inside there was a nice lady behind the desk. We got good service and for that the atmosphere was very warm and cozy.

The way the café looked was not what we expected because from the outside view of the café was historic and old but inside the furniture was kind of too modern. Although it was still very beautiful also from inside. Colours of the café were light shades and that made the atmosphere very harmonic. Most of the tables were full of customers and that tells a lot of how popular the café is. A few people had a laptop with them. They were probably working. And working is possible in the café like this because there was so peaceful atmosphere and the lightning was perfect. We are absolutely going there again.

Kahvila Miriam’s

punainen kahvilahuone

I had craving for good coffee and  went  to test this coffee house Miriams. From outside, Miriams looked comfy and clean coffee house. After I ordered 4,90e vanilla latte I headed to the back corner of the room and found really nice armchairs. It was easy to take a relaxing position because the chairs were so soft that we were sinking when we sat down. After under 5 minutes of waiting, I already got my vanilla latte and It looked delicious. Customer service in cafe was professional and friendly. There was relaxing calm music playing at the background and that made cafeteria feel more restless. In cafe there was not too much noise and it so was easy to relax and sip latte.

Vanilla latte was delicious so that I would have liked to have another one after finishing it. I noticed that I also got a tiny chocolate candy with the coffee. I took a bite of it and it tasted great. It was totally a good combination with the coffee, because chocolate works with everything.kahvi pintakuvioinnilla

There was beatiful piece of painting on the wall. In the painting there was landscape of Kuokkala. There were real lights in the windows of the painting. It feels very relaxing and nice to watch painting and sip my vanillalattë with calm music on background. Comparing to afternoon rush hours it was nice to come during evening so cafe was not so crowded. I would recommend this cafe to my friends.  I felt good and relaxed after my coffee session. I think I would come to Miriams another time. When I was leavingthe cafeteria, there was blackboard and it said that there was curcumin lattë and it sounded nice. I have to test it someday.

When I start to think about Miriams, I rate it 4+/5. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing. It was still not mindblowing experience and prices were little bit high. But still, a good cafeteria!

Text and photos: Maria Sainpalo, Ville Hakkarainen, Jessica Lustig and Lassi Taskinen (Course Food Culture)