Karttapallon pohjoinen puolikas, jossa Eurooppaa ja Venäjää näkyvissä.

Pro-VET marches on!

Every blog and every article we read these days seems to follow what has become a familiar thread; the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has caused untold damage and we have had, according to your point of view, either unnecessarily or justifiably harsh restrictions placed upon what we can do, where we can go and who we…

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Pro-VET goes Dutch

As the wind and rain subsided across the Netherlands, the Pro-VET team descended on the small university town of Wageningen some 93 kms southeast of Amsterdam. This was our 4th transnational meeting and our genial hosts this time were colleagues from Aeres University of Applied Sciences – or in Pro-VET speak, P2 (AHW). For five…

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Pro-VET project team in Tver

Pro-VET One Year In: Making good progress

The Pro-VET (Professional Development of Vocational Education Teachers’ with European Practices) team met either side of the summer holidays firstly in Jyväskylä, Finland in June and then in Tver, Russia in September. The aim of these meetings was two-fold; to compete the state-of-the-art analysis concerning the current situation in VET teacher education in both Serbia…

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Pro-VET Kick Off Meeting ja työpajaviikko

Pro-VET creating value in Russian and Serbian VET

Pro-VET (Professional Development of Vocational Education Teachers’ with European Practices), a co-funded project with the EU through its ERASMUS+ programme has formally begun. Over 30 colleagues from six different countries (Russia, Serbia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland) were welcomed in a number of languages at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia 3-7 December 2018….

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