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Speeding up Adoption of Sustainable Technologies in Agri- & Food-Tech

AgriVenture Finland 2023 – A Unique Event Dedicated to Speeding up Adoption of Sustainable Technologies in Agri- & Food-Tech

With global population approaching 10 billion by 2050, the nature’s carrying capacity eroding and challenges to food security increasing, the mission to ensure agriculture and food production is simple, yet dauntingly challenging: To produce more with less. Through adoption of agri-tech innovations and solutions with an emphasis on sustainability, farmers can not only increase productivity and profits, but also meet societal and legislative trends and demands towards the sustainable development goals. Smart farming technologies, including precision farming technologies, automation, robotics, IoT, data analytics and artificial intelligence, enable primary producers to tackle agricultural processes in real-time, to utilize digital tools more effectively and ultimately to strengthen both productivity and sustainability of food systems.

These processes are at the core of Agriculture 4.0. Agri- and food-tech startups play an important role in the implementation of agriculture 4.0 by driving innovations that help farmers scale yield, reduce outputs and fossil fuels, and improve their decision making and farm management capabilities. Implementing Agriculture 4.0, however, requires considerable investment into RDI and infrastructure. While agri- and food-tech startups have the potential to transform agriculture, their scalabilities have largely been driven by funding such as e.g., venture capital. Empowering this process to speed up adoption of such innovations are the core theme of the AgriVenture Finland 2023 event.

Organized at Bioeconomy Campus in Tarvaala, Finland, on June 7-8, 2023, this unique event aims to:

  • connect agri and food-tech related innovative startups with financing
  • activate and empower new players, e.g. IT and digital companies to play an important and innovative role in sustainable agri- & food tech development
  • to raise awareness, provide networking opportunities, generate cooperation and growth opportunities for businesses
  • accelerate the uptake of sustainable technologies in agri-food systems

AgriVenture Finland 2023 welcomes startups, scaleups, sme’s, corporations, investors, business angels, developers, universities, R&D institutes, educational organisations and with a common denominator – the sustainable food.

At the core of the event is the Kaski2023 Pitching Competition, which provides startups the opportunity to present their innovation and to convince investors. The winner of the competition will receive the grand cash prize of 5,000€!

The event further consists of inspiring keynotes from global enterprises and international speakers, practical demonstrations in the BioEconomy testbed environment, as well as efficient matchmaking and networking with the hottest startups, investors, and industry colleagues!

The environment of the event, Bioeconomy Campus, offers multiple opportunities to test technologies in real world circumstances, experience modern agriculture machinery and digital solutions in action – but also enjoy Finnish nature and the midnight sun.

For more information and registration please visit the Agriventure Finland website.

Welcome to Tarvaala! If you don’t go, you won’t know!

Written by Gilbert Ludwig, Senior Researcher, Head of Business & International Affairs, Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Bioeconomy