Practical training at Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti in Helsinki

I’ve spent the last 2 months doing my first practical training at Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti as a receptionist. Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti, or Presidentti, is a hotel located in the heart of Helsinki. Presidentti has about 500 hotel rooms, and 15 conference rooms. It’s one of the 22 hotels in the Sokotel group. Presidentti was completely renovated a couple of years ago and all its’ floors got their own themes designed by Ivana Helsinki.  These themes are Winter Storm, Midsummer, Fairytale Forest, Finnish Sisu and Tranquility.

At Presidentti I worked morning, day, and evening shifts in both the reception, as well as the conference department. My main task was to work in the reception, serving customers face to face as well as by phone and email. The hotel is incredibly busy, and on top of hotel services, our reception also has a little kiosk attached to it, which sells coffee, snacks, and alcohol. There weren’t boring days, there’s always something to do.  

The working environment at Presidentti is wonderful. All of my colleagues are welcoming and easy to get along with. If you’re thinking about doing a practical training in Helsinki, I can warmly suggest Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti!

Saara-Maria Tarvainen

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Tourism Management

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