Practical Training 1 at Visit Jyväskylä Region

I completed my practical training at Visit Jyväskylä Region during the spring of 2022. Visit Jyväskylä Region is a DMO in the Jyväskylä region. Main task of the organization is to promote the region and the municipalities that are a part of this region to the Finnish market and abroad.

I was hired to do marketing to the Russian people trough a website called Vkontakte. Because of the current situation in the world, I could not do the task I was hired to do, luckily the people at Visit Jyväskylä Region came up with different tasks for me to do. I helped if needed and got to be a part of a Swedish campaign which was a big project. I learned a lot of new different softwires that this organization uses and learned a lot more about marketing in general.

I was lucky to be a part of the amazing team of professionals working at Visit Jyväskylä Region. I felt accepted into the work group since day 1, my colleagues were friendly and always helped me if needed. If you as a student are interested in marketing, I would gladly recommend Visit Jyväskylä Region for you to complete your practical training at. You will gain a lot of experience and receive knowledge from professionals in that field.

I do not know if I see myself in marketing field in the future, but I will always remember good things about my practical training at Visit Jyväskylä Region.

Nikita Skachkov

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Tourism Management

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