Practical training 2 at Yöpuu Yhtiö

Hello all,

during the summer I completed my second practical training at Yöpuu Yhtiö, but more specifically Hotelli Verso. Hotelli Verso is an urban hotel located right in the heart of Jyväskylä. Hotelli Verso has 128 rooms, 5 conference rooms, a restaurant and a bar that are all located under the same roof.

I was mostly working in the reception but also got to help the housekeeping staff and bar staff. I also was lucky to go for a few weeks to Hotelli Yöpuu to gain more experience and raise my competence. I got to see different hotels and differences in how they operated. I also got to see some of the tasks that the hotel manager does.

At the end of my practical training, I got offered a job, which was incredible news for me as I very much enjoyed my time working in Hotelli Verso. If you ever think about completing your practical training in a local business, I recommend Yöpuu Yhtiö in general as they can offer you a practical training place in many field areas, not only in a hotel.

Nikita Skachkov

Tourism Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme

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