Practical Training 1 at Tavinsulka

Hello, I’m Balázs, a second year tourism management student and I did my first practical training in Jyväskylä, on the shore of Lake Tuomiojärvi at a company called Tavinsulka during the summer. Tavinsulka is specializing on open water activities and offers various nature-based adventures.

My responsibilities in the company included customer service, basic trainings, event organisation and assisting on guided tours. I had a specific personal task to document the sustainability and responsibility of the company as the entrepreneur had entrusted me to get the Sustainable Travel Finland label. It was very successful as I learned a lot of material and basic information from my JAMK subject, Responsible tourism management, which I was able to use in the writing of the document. This STF award is still a work in progress, but it looks like we are going to get it, so then my mission will be accomplished.

In customer service, I was able to learn how service works and how to behave in a customer-oriented way and I even improved my basic Finnish skills. During the guided tours, I got to discover the beauty of the environment, local rivers and lakes from the water. As part of the employee motivation, I was able to use all the company’s water equipment, so I could choose from canoes, kayaks or SUPs.

Overall, the atmosphere within the company was very good, as the team was made up of students, so it was easy to fit in. The entrepreneur was also very flexible, helpful and a very good person.

I would personally recommend it to anyone who might be looking for an internship to contact and speak with the entrepreneur about job opportunities. Or if someone just wants to relax and enjoy open water activities, I highly recommend a visit to the company during the summer.

Writer: Balazs Horvath, Tourism Management Degree Programme

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