Practical Training1 at ITSUDEMO

Hello, I am Han Nguyen. I am currently a third year student. I am happy to share with you my
great time with Itsudemo sushi during my practical training 1. People often said that it is not
easy for non-speaker Finnish to get a job in Jyväskylä. However, I believe that there are many
chances for international students to work here and even get a good job.
Itsudemo is a sushi buffet and restaurant chain all over Finland. They have 3 sushi buffets in the
Prisma market and one restaurant in the center Jyväskylä. I was working mainly at Seppälä and
was flexible to work at other stores if they needed help. From my perspective, it can be difficult
for people who have not had previous experience because you have to learn and remember a
lot of recipes and how to run the sushi bar. However, with the manager´s training and help from
co-workers, they will always support you in the first month. After two weeks, I remembered all
the recipes and how to run the sushi by myself. I did better after one month and passed
probation after three months. My main task is to prepare the sushi bar and materials. Besides,
to help the customers to take or buy, especially allergic ones.
I had a wonderful time with ITSUDEMO. I was improving my customer service, time
management and especially sushi chef skills. I hope you guys also have a great experience like
me. Good luck to all of you !
Han Nguyen
Tourism Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme

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