Practical training 1 at Intrum Oy

Hi, I’m Ali, a second-year student in Tourism Management. I completed my first internship at Intrum Oy’s customer service in the outbound team. Intrum Oy is an international market leader in credit management and debt collection.

I worked at Intrum Oy’s Customer Service Center in Tampere and my responsibility was handling payment reminder calls and agreeing payment arrangements with customers. The calls mainly concerned bank receivables.

I handled an average of 70 phone calls every day and learned a lot about customer service, handling different customer situations and thinking responsibly about serving customers with payment difficulties. I handled customer meetings in Finnish and English. In customer service, it was possible to realize one’s own strengths in customer situations and at the same time actions were closely monitored through efficiencies and service quality. Customers sent feedback about the calls and it was very rewarding. I really learned a lot about the credit information and debt collection industry, as well as customer finances and payment behavior. While working, I used several systems at the same time, which means I also learned new IT skills.

I recommend Intrum and especially Intrum’s Customer Service as an internship, because the atmosphere is very good. The orientation was handled in an exemplary manner and as a newbie I always had the feeling that I could ask for help on anything and everyone would help. Working hours and working conditions were great (remote work was allowed). Everyone’s opinions were taken into account in the meetings and humor flourished every day

Author: Ali ZOUANE, Tourism Management Degree Programme