ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival, Paris, France (Practical Training 1)

The European Film Festival (ÉCU) is a yearly film festival located in Paris, France. The film festival showcases films from Europe and around the world to give a platform for independent filmmakers to have their films screened. In 2022 I was an intern at ÉCU in the Events Management & Partnerships department, working along with a dozen other interns within the organization.

During my time at ÉCU I was given the opportunity to undertake various tasks and projects, which included producing a weekly online discussion panel and final video for online distribution, creating in-person events, communicating with stakeholders, and the creation of the virtual version of the 2022 Film Festival.

The internship provided a lot of responsibilities and independent work. I had to undertake various tasks and projects and find ways to implement them with limited guidance, accelerating my ability to learn independently and in a high-stress environment.

The internship also provided me the opportunity to live in the Paris region and explore what the city had to offer. Living in Paris allowed me to live in a large metropolitan city, learn about the culture, and to explore France during and after my internship period. After my internship I bicycled from Paris to the Basque Country over the month of June.

Overall, the internship provided me an experience that will help shape the environment and projects I would like to work in in the future.  

Author: Myles Loughhead, Tourism Management Bachelor’s Program.

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