Restel Fast Food Oy/ Burger King, Jyväskylä (Practical Training 1)

I am immensely happy to share my experience working in Restel Fast Food Oy/ Burger King Jyväskylä for more then 7 months!  

Working at Burger King provided me a fast-paced environment and a great opportunity also when I am seeking for entry-level positions. The tasks included preparing food items, operating the drive-thru or front cash register, cleaning up the work area, and assisting customers. I was also required to work in shifts that could include early mornings, late nights, weekends, or holidays, that really help me to understand customer behaviour at different times of days.

The best part of working at Burger King is that it provides opportunities to develop skills like teamwork, customer service, multitasking, and time management. Additionally, the company offers employee benefits such as flexible schedules, paid training, and career advancement opportunities. That helped me thoroughly to keep balance between my studies and work.

However, like any other job, there are some challenges, including working under extreme pressure, dealing with difficult customers, and meeting strict time schedules. But, with proper training and support from the management team, these challenges were easily overcome. I did learn in each aspect something new that in future will also help me to perform in professional environment. 

Also, not forgetting I had best team, co-workers and supervisor that really helped to gain confidence even when I was struggling with my Finnish language skills. They always showed faith in me and let me choose and develop on my own path while induction.

Overall, working at Burger King can be a great learning experience and an excellent opportunity to start your career in the fast-food industry.

Author: Kartik Kapoor, Tourism Management Bachelors Programme

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