What the heck we are doing in Turbiini while most of our colleagues are having their holidays?

Do you know what are the three taboos in Sweden, you should not make jokes about? Golf, sailing and “Do not touch my July holidays!” This was told to us by Christer Fehrling (Swedish Institute of Management), to whom we were acquainted by our Russian partners from Obninsk! Well, as we all, and as a matter of fact our most important international partners too, know that Finland is closed in July. But not totally, at least in Turbiini there was a bunch of RDI staff of LIPA working (Leena, Mari, Eila, Janne, Andy, Bela, Juhas and Heikki)

Leena was making an image video of Keski-Suomen Ruokaketju, working long days shooting the film at the farms and producers of local food.

(Photo: Jyri Kiuru / Sirpa Pekkarinen)

Eila was making interviews of small food producers connected with the strategy process of Keski-Suomen Ruokaketjun kehittämisstrategia 2014 – 2020. Strategy process includes workshops like: www.ruokacentria.com/index.php/ajankohtaista/tapahtumakalenteri/icalrepeat.detail/2012/10/02/531/-/alueellinen-strategiatyoepaja-jaemsae

Andy, “the sales man”, among with meetings with our partners, finalized the deal with AKK to rent the 2nd floor of Turbiini building to AKK to be used during Neste Oil Rally 2012. (And not to mention that Andy is also the “Artistical Director of Traktorijatzit, more info at www.traktorijatzit.fi )

Mari (MaLaKo – project manager) was making follow –up and feedback interviews of the companies in her project. By the way, you could see Mari on stage at Jyväskylän Kesä on Saturday 14th June at Kompassi, Kävelykatu (http://www.jyvaskylankesa.fi/2012/02/mita-noi-tekee-5 , with Pape Cisse (Senegal) and Mama Africa .

Heikki started to prepare the programme for a delegation of business and cluster developers from Kaluga region Russia. In October LIPA/RDI will host this delegation and also had couple skype meetings with our Polish partners from Gdansk concerning EURO 2012 research project and Sports Marketing –seminar in October in Gdansk. So July is actually a good month to plan forthcoming activities with international partners.

Janne works at LIPA as a research assistant in Future Fibre Products – project. Janne’s July contained several meetings and contacts with potential users for material which can be produced by form foaming (vaahtorainaus in Finnish) and composing of report of the work done.

Let us raise our hats to our students of LIPA / Sport Business School who did data collection project in Fooball EURO 2012 in Gdansk in June. This Football Euro 2012 data collection project was a success and an excellent start for cooperation of sport business development in Poland with our partners in Gdansk, PSWE (www.pswe.org ) and Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport.

Check out: http://sportbusinessschoolfinland.com/news.html?14

And last but definitely not least, our partner, Football Club JJK, made their way to the second round in UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2012. Huge congratulations to FC JJK!

PS. Somebody was said to have seen some of our three Juhas wondering around in Turbiini in July…

PPS: Some speed cameras gave evidence that Béla was eager to sell the Outdoors Finland project to small entrepreneurs all across Central Finland…

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