Webinar: Diversity, Inclusion & Competitiveness

Join free webinar on wed 14.11.2012 at 14.00! The webinar ”Diversity, Inclusion & Competitiveness” is organized by JAMK Centre for Competitiveness.

Speakers Dr. George Simons, Mr. Elmer Dixon, Ms. Joy Hawkins
Moderators: Steven Crawford and Murat Akpinar, JAMK
Time November 14, 2012, 14.00 Finnish Time (UTC/GMT + 2 hours)

You can participate by your own computer – simply go to web page https://connect.jamk.fi/webinars and sign in as a guest (no password required). First there will be 30 minutes dialogue between speakers and moderator and then time for discussion and questions from the audience. The audience can submit their questions during the first 30 minutes to the “Chat” area or raise their hands during the Q&A session.

Diversity is recognized as a potential factor on competitiveness in business. Considering recent developments in the global economy, how can we best manage diversity and inclusion in our community and workplace? In this webinar we try to find answers to this question by exploring the implications of a diverse workplace from global and European perspectives. Our primary focus will be on the role of culture, the importance of intercultural communication competence, and the role of personal and professional leadership in building and managing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

More information: www.jamk.fi/cfc

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