Practical Training at Informatica, marketing department.

I did my practical training at Infomatica. Informatica is a software development company, which offers data integration products. If offers products for ETL, data masking, data Quality, data replica, data virtualization, master data management, etc. Informatica comes to the picture wherever companies have a data system available and at the backend they want to perform certain operations on the data. It can be like cleaning up of data, modifying the data, etc. based on certain set of rules or simply loading of bulk data from one system to another.

I had been working at Informatica for a 6 months from the beginning of September 2017 till the end of February 2018 in the Marketing Department at the regional level in France, Paris.
At Informatica I worked as a community manager for Infomatica France and Nordics. I have been creating social media strategies for Twitter and Linkedin, was promoting events, did online publishing during the Summits and creating content strategy. At the same time, I did internal social media engagement trainings for the employees in order to increase brand awareness and increase target audience after the re-branding. At the end of each month I was measuring the data and created reports for the marketing team. I also worked a lot with the data integration, was collecting most active account from the Tech Target platform for the BDM and Sales from all the EMEA.
I learned a lot during the 6 months of internship and decided to continue my journey in the IT industry in the future.