My Practical Training in Kampala, Uganda.

I can honestly say that this summer has been one of the best summers I have had in a very long time,  I finally went back to visit Africa but not only that I had the amazing opportunity to do my practical training also there and it was an amazing experience. I was able to gain a Working place for Tehah investments limited and honestly came as a surprising great opportunity .

This was my first time working in Africa in a very long time, I was very excited about everything. A friend of mine who works in Uganda had told me about the company he works for (Tehah investments limited), before I left for my trip I had asked him if it was possible to apply for a practical training with the company and he connected me with his superior and he was very welcoming. I am grateful Tehah was able to give me a chance to see for myself  from first perspective  how companies operate in Africa. During my practical training time I have learnt a lot of things which honestly couldn’t have learnt through school, I’ve improved a lot on my soft and hard skills and also on my communications skills.

Working in Uganda has opened my eyes to different approaches in the working life, the way they operate was something different of  how I was used to when I worked in Finland. I have learnt a lot from My colleagues at Tehah, they always find creative ways to deal with any rising situation at work, the motto of the company is ‘ nothing is impossible’ meaning the is always a way if you truly try finding it.