One-of-a-kind Summer PT

High care about the employees, very friendly work community and a comfortable workplace – I felt lucky to be a part of the large international company that took me as a trainee for this summer. I was working in the head 3-floor office building, located in the business city of Cyprus – Limassol. 

Taking care of me from the very beginning, the company was like a friendly host helping with accommodation, transfer, health. On my first day, I was met by the mentor who took me on a “tour” around all departments and introduced me to the colleagues in my unit. Surprisingly, absolutely all of them shook hands with me and welcomed. I also met with my work partner, familiarized with the internal rules and my workplace. 

Later on, I got to know about the company’s sphere of operations, industry and people who surrounded me in the office. My colleagues were of different age, from different countries and with different backgrounds, and some of them were also trainees like me. Living every-day life of an office employee was both beneficial and exciting for me and felt like a beginning of my future career. In addition, I was learning about the culture of the country I had never visited before and enriching my world outlook.

To conclude, practical training abroad gave me useful and interesting experience of a new kind. It was the time of opportunities to apply learnings, develop skills, and get new ideas from the practice. There would be hardly any alternative to a traineeship in a contribution to the development as an expert and benefit for the future.