My practical training at Hai Duong College, Viet Nam

I have taken practical training as an intern at International Cooperation Center, Hai Duong College, Hai Duong Province, Viet Nam. Hai Duong College (HDC) is situated in Hai Duong City, just over 50km from Ha Noi – the capital of Viet Nam. Aiming to become a global educational pioneer and provide an international platform for education, HDC has reinforced an extensive network of strong connections with international universities and institutions. My work is related to collaboration between Hai Duong College and other international educational institutes.

I partcipate in preparing Marketing material about Hai Duong College , research, analyze and find appropriate potential partnership contacts, create key contact list database of potential partners in South Korea, handle communication with potential partners and relevant skateholders through email channel. I also assisted with administrative tasks, preparation for relevant materials and logistics in meetings with partners, assisted in creating ideas for collabration and partnership document and participated in devising an event plan for the Agreement Signing Ceremony between Hai Duong College and Suwon Science College.

The practical training involved communication with international partners which helped me to enhance my English and Korean language skills. During exchange in South Korea, I had the chance to engage in Korean learning environment and the practical training required me to further leverage my Korean language skills. The practical training gave me the chance to learn how to prepare Marketing material, research and find the matched potential partners. The opportunity also heped to enhance my understanding of creating partnership documents to build long-lasting partnership and create values for both parties. Another learning outcome was to develop my knowledge of an event, the event planning process, the relevant skateholders and success indicators of an event. I learnt that professionalism plays an integral part in the international business. For example, when I contacted potential partners on email channel, I needed to make sure that the email needed to be written in formal and professional way.

I think as for me, the most precious skills I learnt to improve from practical training is intercultural communication in business and Interpersonal skills. We came from different countries and background so sometimes we had different perspectives. I have come to learn how to put myself into other people’s shoes and try to look from their angles. I learned that being open-minded and non-judgemental are essential skills to acquire in an international working context.

I am happy that the practical training has been an opportunity for me to reflect on myself and put into practice the knowledge and skills I have acquired at JAMK. The key word for the practical training for me would be “learning”. I learned a lot about myself, about the work. It opens my eyes into the new business world. I am blessed and grateful that my studies at JAMK has been leveraging me when I step into the working world.