Practical training in Feel Vegas Jyväskylä

Gambling in Finland has a unique position compared to rest of the companies in same industry since all of the profit goes to supporting various organisations in social and health industry, supporting Finnish cinema, youth sports and science among other things. This is what originally got me tied to then RAY, now Veikkaus, and the work of a croupier, which was supposed to be just a job to raise funds for my exchange year. This temporary job has now lasted for almost 3,5 years and I have been able to climb the croupier ladder, gain more skills in the field and train myself in almost everything offered.

The job itself requires a certain type of a person since it is a bar environment, mostly evening/night shifts emphasizing on weekends and aspect of winning and losing money is sometimes delicate matter to handle. Work of a croupier isn’t just about dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel but also customer service, providing entertainment and assisting customers with anything they need. It also takes a determined and strong person to work in this field since losing money is sometimes hard for customers to handle and you’re the only source they can take their disappointment to, sometimes very harshly. Facing people with gambling issues and addiction also demands the croupier to be sympathetic but not be emotionally attached to the person, as that would take too much toll.

My decision to do my practical training in my workplace was purely from comfort since it would have been difficult to balance essentially two jobs. I like my work very much and am interested in the field since it’s very unique, and always changing. It’s different to other workplaces and offers all kinds of challenges and tight work community. This was one of the main reasons I also have stayed as long as I have since my co-workers are the craziest, most fun and nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet. It’s more like I’m working with friends, instead of just co-workers.

To have my ordinary job elevated to meet practical training demands, I asked my supervisor to add me to the teams organizing and handling events coming our way. In our unit, events come from above and teams are chosen, or dictated, based on skills needed for the event. Promoting new slot machine games is not for everyone but for those most social and talkative it’s a good way to use that employee in the best way. I was happy to organize events, promotions and gain deeper understanding and status in our unit. My practical training was almost forgotten as I mostly just included all these new possibilities and responsibilities to my routine. Ideal situation really.  

I learned a lot specifically about event planning and executing but also about negotiating with supervisors and managing time schedules as well as managing changes in our unit. After this training period ended I have continued to be part of various events and promotions which has been rewarding and giving even more variety to this job of mine.

I have learned a lot and had some time to think about my future career plans and hopes. I’m not sure if I want to build a career in this field for life, but for now it is the best place for me to be. Until and if that changes, I will have gained many wonderful memories and experiences, both personal and professional, to take with me to next chapter in my work life.